Tear down the Nike Vomero 15 to learn about the construction of the Zoom Air and ZoomX foam

The Nike Vemoro 15 launched at the end of 2020 uses Zoom X foam and Zoom Air air cushion, both of which are Nike’s excellent cushioning technology. Solereview, a foreign professional running shoe website, dismantled the Vomero 15 and gave detailed picture instructions. , allowing us to get a close look at the overall structure of Nike running shoes.

Nike can’t officially give the ZoomX foam used in the Vomero 15. How much ZoomX is used? Full palm or half palm? Or is it divided into front and back parts? How big is the Zoom Air? Is the air cushion used for the front and back palms? Or just use the air cushion in the forefoot? What’s in the tongue sleeve cover? All this needs to be dismantled Vomero15 to know.

The Vomero 15 uses the same Zoom Air cushion in the forefoot as the Pegasus 37 and 38 in size and thickness. According to speculation, the location of the Zoom Air air cushion is basically the same as that of the Structure 23.

The volume of the air cushion is quite large, and it uses a curved groove design. The old Air Zoom air cushion is designed without curved grooves, covering the entire forefoot area, and the thickness is equivalent to one-third of the thickness of the entire midsole of the forefoot. See here It is only one-half the thickness of the midsole, because the air cushion became deflated after the air cushion was disassembled.

The Zoom Air is a pressurized, sealed polyurethane air cushion filled with an inert gas like nitrogen. The use of inert gas prevents the air cushion from inflating over long runs, which can occur with conventional gas.

There are thousands of nylon fibers in the air cushion that connect the upper and lower walls of the air cushion, which we call the “needle drop” structure to maintain the overall shape and structure and play a role in cushioning.

This design is widely used in outdoor gear such as air mattresses and upright pedals. A SUP board is nothing more than a giant Zoom airbag.

Looking at the midsole of the disassembled Vomero 15 from this direction (looking at the toe of the king’s shoe), ZoomX foam occupies half of the midsole, and the outside is surrounded by strong EVA foam.

There is another “Zoom” inside the midsole, which is Nike’s famous top foam ZoomX, which is used as the core instead of the main midsole. The outside of ZoomX is EVA foam, and from a cross-section, ZoomX occupies half of the width of the midsole. The heel edge is a solid layer of EVA.

The front of the Air Zoom unit is EVA, not ZoomX.

Being a full-length ZoomX is a bit exaggerated. In fact, there is a thin layer of ZoomX under the air cushion, and the front and heel parts of the air cushion are not ZoomX foam.

The ZoomX foam is divided into upper and lower layers. It is not clear why it is designed this way. It is guessed that it is related to the integration of the Air Zoom air cushion.

Interestingly, the Vomero 15 doesn’t use a traditional midsole cloth (the layer between the insole and the midsole), usually a thin layer of foam on the pad under the insole. Speaking of which, the removable sockliner is an average-thickness foam.

The midsole is a very thin layer of synthetic fabric, no more than 1MM thick. Recently, Nike has gradually abandoned the use of midsole, and the Vomero 15 is the best example.

Upper dismantling

While this is a standard sleeve upper with a unique Nike design logo, it’s worth highlighting a few interesting points. The lining and sleeves are the same here, so the second layer of mesh extends to the toe. Aside from the interlocking seams on the tongue and heel, there are no seams throughout the interior.

There is a little foam additive in the mesh sleeve, which increases the softness of the upper.There is only a little bit of foam in the tongue.

There is a lot of foam inside the collar. The tongue is a bit thin, with the card face in the tongue separating the foot from the laces.

Nike’s products are generally not discounted, and they are basically the same as what they advertise. The Air Zoom air cushion is also large enough to provide the necessary cushioning function, and different shoes provide different degrees of ZoomX foam to bring different running. experience and cushioning performance.


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