Sixteen classic shoes of Adidas

Adidas was founded in 1949, the founder is Adolf Adi Dassler (Adolf Adi Dassler), its brand name is also the founder’s name, 2011 launched a new slogan adidas is all in (all in).

What series does he have? The most famous are these three series.

1. Originals (Clover) sports traditional series

Adidas’ most classic coleus LOGO, originally designed to connect three continental plates together, its shape is like the unfolding of the earth, symbolizing the power of sports that extends to the whole world, and also marks the founder’s sewing on sneakers three stripes road.

2. Performance (three stripes) sports performance series

The three stripes, also designed by the founders, represent the mountains, expressing the meaning of fulfilling challenges, realizing the future and continuously reaching goals. This series is the main line of Adidas. Most of its various technology products come from here. He has many different series. The official website mainly has three branches: ATHLETICS, TERREX and Stella McCartney, representing sports, outdoor and fashion.

3. NEO (spherical LOGO) sports fashion

NEO is mainly clothing and shoes for leisure and sports.

What are the hottest shoes these years?

Adidas and Nike are the two largest brands in the sports circle at present. They have their own design styles. It can be said that many styles of many other brands cannot escape the designs of these two brands. Adi has a lot of very good-looking styles. The styles introduced later are all discounted and very good-looking styles on Tmall. If you choose Adi, there must be the one you like.


UB is Adi’s best-selling running shoes at present. Since the launch of Ultra Boost, its lightweight design, comfortable foot feel, and fashionable shape have been loved by everyone. In addition, the price discounts have been relatively strong in recent years, and more and more people have bought it. , Although he is a running shoe, in terms of appearance, it is also very good for daily wear, plus the foot feel of running shoes, it is extremely comfortable to wear, suitable for commuting.

Ultraboost 21

The latest model of UB is 21. After so many generations of changes, this time 21 has increased the thickness of the heel and improved the design of the outsole. This time the replacement can be described as bold, making this shoe more like a professional running shoe. After all, his original intention was a running shoe. . The outsole is made of Continental rubber, with a mesh design to increase flexibility and grip, the woven upper increases breathability and elasticity, and the general sock-covered upper can improve the sense of wrapping of the foot. The high-resilience boost is his symbol , 21 models increase the thickness to make the cushioning and rebound stronger. In addition, the LEP system is added to the midsole, which improves the function of square torsion. The upturned butt is the biggest feature of this generation.

Ultraboost 20

Compared with 19, 20 is not much improved. The biggest improvement is that Primeknit uses the latest TFP laying technology on the upper, which makes the whole shoe more wrapping.

Ultraboost 19

The 19 is the most improved UB in history. The patch Fitcounter at the heel adds better stability and support, and the Torsion anti-torsion support piece also increases the area. This UB has changed from the past, making it more like a pair of running shoes.


PB is mainly for urban sports, and its level and price are lower than UB. It also uses Boost midsole, the difference is that it does not use Primeknit, only ordinary knitted uppers are used, and the outsole uses only Strechweb outsole, no horse brand, more The simple design makes him one of the most comfortable Boosts for daily wear. Of course, the price is the same as the configuration, much lower than the UB, and the price is very high. In addition, PB, as a style suitable for daily wear, has wider shoes and a higher instep, which is more suitable for most people.


PB21 is very good as a daily wear. The black warrior color matching will not be too exaggerated. The key is that the price only needs to be in the early 300s. Compared with the UB discount price, it is also very cost-effective. In terms of foot feel, the gap is not as big as the price difference, and the shape is more low-key.


This PB GO outsole is wider, more suitable for daily wear, and can be easily controlled on all kinds of uneven roads.


This series is Adi’s early Bounce midsole technology. It is also positioned as an entry-level running shoe. The performance is sufficient for daily wear, and it is not necessary for professional sports.

alphabounce rc.2

This running shoe is designed with a wide palm, and it is not easy to wrinkle the foot when moving laterally. With Bounce technology, it can be perfectly controlled for sprinting or training. The mesh upper can also provide breathability and wrapping.

alphabounce 3

This running shoe also has a wide bottom, which is more suitable for speed and other training, and is also a good shoe for strength training in the gym.


EQT was originally born in 1991, and its initial positioning was pure sports shoes. Just as its name Equipment, he provided reliable support for sports. Since the beginning of a small-scale re-engraving in 2014, Adi added a woven upper and BOOST to this shoe. The midsole cushioning makes a 30-year-old sneaker suitable for current sports. Of course, his appearance and technology are still higher.


EQT’s basketball shoes series are designed with mid-low tops and reproduce the EQT running shoes in the 1990s. As retro shoes, they are more comfortable and match for daily wear. As a match, this is a good match and good-looking.


A national scolding made a pair of shoes popular. I have to say that NMD was just launched, and it was really popular. At that time, the popularity was about to catch up with the coconut. It was equipped with Adi’s most popular BOOST. Everyone had to compare this pair with UB. NMD is Pure fashion shoes, not running shoes. Although the whole palm is BOOST, he has no insole, and the structure is very simple. It looks good, but it cannot be used as a running shoe.


Sock-type upper, BOOST, TPU finish, is the symbol of NMD, NMD is definitely Adi’s top shoes.


The shell head is one of the most recognizable styles of Adidas. Historically, he was a basketball shoe. The shell head was used to protect the toes of athletes and increase the strength of the shoes. The unique design can be compared with NIKE DUNK in terms of history.

The pure white shell head is definitely the one that will be considered in the choice of small white shoes. It is clean, simple and classic. This shoe is made of leather upper, which is not comfortable to wear, but it is also the basic foot feeling of sports shoes. Sports, daily commuting is absolutely handsome.


My personal favorite shell head is all the shell heads on the yellow sole. The light yellow color is very similar to the texture of oxidation after wearing it for several years. As a casual shoe, it is too new and not in place. The yellowed toe and everything are YYDS.


This retro-style sneaker, based on the former running shoes, caters to the preferences of modern young people who like daddy shoes. The wide sole and the multi-layered upper of different materials all reflect the sports shoes of the 1990s.

Everything in the earth color is very good to match, and it is very beautiful. This milk tea color looks very low-key, and the light color with low saturation not only highlights the retro shape of the shoes themselves, but also makes it easier to match clothes.


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