Shame on wearing fake AJ? No, it’s shameful to wear fake shoes to show off!

The topic of wearing fake shoes seems to have been with shoe friends since the rise of the sneaker market. When chatting with the editor, some friends often talk about whether the fake shoes are real enough, whether the fake shoes can pass the test, who and so are wearing high imitation goods, etc. The editor usually laughs at it. In fact, there is no need to talk too much about whether to buy fake products. Everyone has the right to freely choose what shoes to buy. There is no need to regard whether or not to wear genuine products as a moral standard to measure a person’s quality. I just want to say this: wearing fake shoes is not shameful, but it is shameful to wear fake shoes to show off!

Why is the fake shoe market so prosperous and there are so many buyers? Obviously, the price of genuine shoes is definitely the main factor. Some people may not be able to pay the price of genuine shoes and choose fake shoes that have the same appearance but are only a fraction of the price of real shoes; Fake shoe market consumption. There are also people who don’t know much about shoe rings, there is no concept of genuine and fake as a distinction, and there is no concept of buying good products, so it doesn’t matter if you buy a series.

There is nothing wrong with buying fake shoes, but learn to face it calmly. The editor has an old friend who has been with him for many years. He is not a senior sneaker shoe enthusiast, but he also has a lot of sneaker collections. He said frankly to me: “My shoes are a mix of real and fake shoes, and every time I support genuine ones, it really hurts.” I admire his calm attitude towards me. Even if he usually wears fake shoes, but his excellent personality is there, who stares at his feet all day, wondering if he is wearing fake?

The underlying reason for buying fake shoes is vanity. I believe that in the three cases of buying fakes I mentioned above, those who belong to the first case occupy the majority. Everyone has vanity, which is a normal psychological phenomenon. Who doesn’t want to be the center of attention in the class, the envy of others in life? In the absence of sufficient financial resources to support genuine products, the allure of fake shoes is still quite large.

Vanity can be, but not excess. A pair of shoes, in its essence, is just a tool made of fabric, leather, and rubber for people to walk, run, and wear. There is no need to feel inferior or proud because of a pair of shoes. There are some buyers with strong vanity, who bought fakes and went out to show them off. They didn’t say anything when they were exposed, and they didn’t even admit it. This is a typical bitch. Most people have no prejudice against wearing fake shoes, and there are many vain people, so there is a chain of contempt.

All in all, we still advocate the purchase of genuine products under the premise of ability, which is the greatest respect for the designer of the sneakers, and at the same time adds more confidence when you wear them. Children who wear fakes should not feel inferior or show off, and face it calmly, this is not a shameful thing!


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