Roger Vivier 2022 autumn and winter new products, light platform shoes and low-heeled shoes that boys can also wear

The beautiful shoes Roger Vivier have always been loved by many women, especially the classic question mark heel, or the “Belle Vivier” square buckle, which is always an elegant design detail that people will never get tired of seeing. Under the leadership of the current creative director Gherardo Felloni, these beautiful new designs will also incorporate his personal favorite antique jewelry design style, making the overall atmosphere of the brand more condensed like the 20s, 30s…etc. The unique retro gorgeous, very charming.

Every pair of new Autumn and winter is so beautiful

“To come together, come together to celebrate freedom, celebrate beauty, pay tribute to femininity and art.” This is the creative concept of Roger Vivier‘s 2022 autumn winter collection, which aims to show the world the face of the French brand. Under the careful arrangement of the brand’s artistic director Gherardo Felloni, the presentation venue in Paris was made like a real hotel – “Hotel Vivier”! In the hotel, there are giant swan sculptures with slender but proud expressions, small rooms with different decorative themes, maids wearing cat masks quickly crowded, fascinating dining room buffets, corridors full of long legs, backstage of song and dance performances. …The models and actors who presented the following new collections in the hotel, put on wigs and jewelry respectively, and turned into various beings, as if to symbolize desire and purity.

1.“Jewel Heel” series
The autumn and winter of 2022 focuses on the heel design again. The new “Jewel Heel” series added this season is an oval gemstone heel, and the toe is matched with the new “Twinkle Buckle”. This new type of diamond buckle has 42 different sizes. The combination of crystals is inspired by the lemon tree grown in Gherardo Felloni’s garden, using lemon-shaped crystals to depict the fresh and beautiful appearance of the lemon tree when it blooms.

2.”Viv’ Choc” square buckle series
The “Viv’ Choc” square buckle made with a sleek metallic feel is highly compatible. The autumn and winter “Viv’ Choc” bag has a simple and eye-catching appearance. There are two versions of the square buckle in metal and rhinestones, with a detachable shoulder. The strap can be used as a shoulder bag or as a clutch bag, suitable for daily wear in various styles. “Viv’ Choc” shoes include different shoe designs, including ballet shoes, sandals, mules and high heels. The “Viv’ Choc” diamond buckle can be seen. The diamond buckle is carefully inlaid with 316 crystals with delicate craftsmanship. Women can be sexy and attractive on different occasions.

3.”Viv’ Go-Thick” series
The strong, rebellious, punk-inspired “Viv’ Go-Thick” collection is inspired by the 1950s and features masculine and masculine curves paired with a soft, stretchy lightweight rubber sole, embellished with eye-catching square buckles or Drill buckle, the boot body is made of elastic leather, suitable for all kinds of leg shapes, this time, we also introduce thick-soled loafers for men, which perfectly shows a fashionable and cool attitude.

4.”I Love Vivier” series
The “I Love Vivier” series, featuring a pointed love toe, two-color insole and a hidden love design on the sole, raises a more beautiful arc in autumn and winter. With the decoration of small bows, it is attached to the side of the shoe or the bow on the instep. Design, set off the leg curve as graceful and moving as a actress. Creative director Gherardo Felloni’s fascination and collection of antique jewelry is displayed on the “Bow Strass” shoes with the same heel of “I Love Vivier”. Dazzling.

5.”RV Bouquet Strass” series
Inspired by the antique jewelry that Gherardo Felloni often wears, the “RV Bouquet Strass” buckle is handcrafted from Swarovski crystals of various sizes and set on a metal base using high jewelry craftsmanship. In autumn and winter, pearls are added to make the mules and high-heeled shoes more feminine, or the diamond buttons bloom on the creamy white fluffy cloud bag. The new season also launched a variety of earrings and hair clips designed with elegant cherry blossom rhinestones, continuing the brand’s always gorgeous and shining style, making the daily matching style more complete.

6.”Belle Vivier” series
“Belle Vivier” is a representative work of the brand. It features a square toe, a thick heel covered with leather, and a clear and smooth body design with geometric slashes. In the new season, in addition to suede leather with elegant mica buckles, it is also replaced with lively and colorful plaid fabrics, with a back strap design, which is gentle and moving.

How to identify genuine and fake Roger Vivier shoes?

There are some dreams that you have only once, and you will never dream again. The flowers in the dream, the trees in the dream, the butterflies in the dream dance, the four seasons in the dream change rapidly, and the wedding dress in the dream, the gauze skirt Under the wedding shoes, everything is dreamy and beautiful. Every girl has this dream of being held by her lover and stepping on her beloved wedding shoes, step by step towards happiness. Roger Vivier shoes have become the first choice for many people’s wedding shoes, but the simple style is extraordinarily pure, so what Maxluxes brings to you today is the identification of true and false Roger Vivier shoes.

1.In the square buckle part, the authentic square buckle is clean and tidy, without a trace of impurities, and the color is full and delicate; the imitation square buckle is dark in color and has impurities on the upper, which is too rough in workmanship compared to the original.

2.The logo in the shoes, the logo in the genuine shoes is exquisite and beautiful, the lines are smooth, and the outline craftsmanship is very particular; the logo in the imitation shoes has rough lines and large fonts.

3.The sole is the most difficult area to detect but it cannot be ignored. A good pair of shoes is inseparable from a good sole. The genuine sole is exquisite in workmanship. The logos are all laser engraved. Superficial, imitation cowhide, the texture difference is too big.

4. Another point that cannot be ignored is the shoe shape. According to people’s walking habits and the requirements for long-term running-in of shoes, the side of genuine shoes is in the shape of a duckbill. This piece is extremely exquisite and exquisite craftsmanship. Can’t do it.


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