Revealing the replica supplier

For many years,whenever I buy shoes, there is always an unsolved mystery that haunts me: I bought these shoes, Is it genuine or fake? And When the time of the shoes is getting longer While still very durable I am even more anxious: the quality is so good I am afraid that it is not a fake shoe produced by replica original factory?

1. Place of Origin: At present, the places where high imitation shoes are produced in by replica. Other places are basically second-hand agents, and a small part of is purchased from PT. Because I have customers here who are wholesalers in QD.

2. Price: There are many grades of high imitation shoes as mentioned on the Internet. I will divide them into three grades, low imitation, high imitation, and top. I only do the top level, and today I will talk about the top version of Maxluxes. Top version: Buy the genuine original shoes to be produced at a high price, and disassemble the genuine products carefully, including the thread of the shoes and the materials of the shoes. These are all important to pay attention to, and the raw materials must be purchased from special channels in the future. The shoes are decomposed piece by piece, and then drawings are drawn according to each piece, and finally each part is opened independently. Remember to open independently, non-market high imitation shoes share a set of molds.

In this way, in all aspects of the version of the top version, a very accurate data can be achieved, and a version that is almost the same as the original can be created. This is a small part of the production of the top version, which completely surpasses the 1:1 real standard shoes on the market, as well as all high imitation shoes.

3. Supply in specialty stores: The top version of Maxluxes will indeed be available in specialty stores, and the sales volume is considerable. The top version is directly available for Taobao, Tmall, and overseas purchasing.

4. Quality: We usually compare genuine shoes with high imitation shoes, but few people know that high imitation shoes with similar prices also have good or bad quality. Careful people put two pairs of different Putian shoes together and they will see the difference. From the sole point of view, the soles of high-quality imitation shoes will be softer and not so stiff. This is just the most common difference. And it snaps back to its original shape very quickly after you bend it. The poor quality will be difficult to restore temporarily, and even leave creases. The top version of Maxluxes is the same in terms of appearance and material compared to the genuine one. You get what you pay for, and the quality can be said to be worlds apart. To make a top-level version is to spend time and money constantly developing, following up, and revising. Some ordinary small manufacturers also get original materials through special channels, but it is useless if you don’t have a good pattern maker. The printmaker here is my occupation. This technology is very rare. It is difficult to find a printmaker with more than 10 years of experience. This requires a high price to hire. With a pattern maker, your factory’s equipment must also keep up.

This series of processes all cost a lot of money, and this is not the top-level version that factories in the market are willing to do. They are still willing to make high imitation shoes. There is no need to modify the details, to check whether it is different from the genuine product. Because there are still many people who are willing to buy high imitation shoes made by them. So they only care about the speed of delivery, after all, no one will have a hard time with money, right? But with the economy level up, I’m sure my top version won’t lose to them. I only care about my customers wearing my shoes, no one can see the true and false when they wear them, and they can wear them with confidence and feel the same as the genuine ones. This is the original intention of the little bully. Because everyone loves face.

There are also the details of production, such as the needle and thread treatment, the quality is better, the needle and thread ends are neat, the shoes with poor quality are full of exposed thread ends, some places are easy to open the thread, the insole is also different, the quality of the insole is compared. Thick, poor quality is light and thin. In addition, the quality of the shoes can be seen from the details of the labels. Good quality shoes have clear labels and neat sewing, while poor quality shoes are blurry and chaotic.

Next, take a look at the detailed analysis of the exclusive top version of Maxluxes

First of all, it must be mold making. This process is generally not announced, for fear that many people will imitate it. Many shoe factories will not buy genuine products to open molds, but look at pictures to make shoes. There must be deviations in the shoes produced in this way, whether it is material or color difference. Therefore, it is the best choice to buy genuine mold making.

Only powerful factories can make good products, and they are willing to spend the cost to purchase the same production machines as genuine products. This is beyond the reach of small workshops in the market. It is estimated that no one is really willing to spend hundreds of thousands of sets of genuine abrasives, let alone the detailed adjustments that have been repeated over and over for months.

Maxluxes shares a wave of material analysis charts, so that you can have a deeper understanding of the top version of Maxluxes and distinguish those high imitations on the market. If you can’t even buy genuine materials and replace them with ordinary materials, you won’t be able to get on the table at all.

In fact, the meaning of raw materials is: the effect that can be achieved with the official order of raw materials, the real original quality.

Yeezy700 Accent Detail Sole Paint

The lacquer on the sole was painted by the workers one by one in the later stage, not the kind they protrude during mass production. That is to say, all the versions on the market are not as uniform as Maxluxes. He has a lot of paint leaking out. They were made by that machine, and we painted them one by one by hand.

Many things are accurate to the millimeter, focusing on details, Maxluxes only seeks the best.

Professionals do professional things, Maxluxes is responsible for production, and you are responsible for beauty

At present, what can the top version of Maxluxes do? The answer I gave is that it has the same appearance as the genuine one, and it is no problem to wear it out and press the road. What I can emphasize here is that the top version of Maxluxes can achieve a level that no appraiser can see, not to mention the friends around you. The appraisers who specialize in appraisals rely on such craftsmanship to eat, so Maxluxes has this strength. Don’t brag, just say one thing and seek truth from facts to win praise and sincere feedback from customers.

Here, let’s talk about popular science first. It is impossible to identify, and it is not within the scope of identification, that is, the appraiser can’t see the meaning of true and false. The identified platforms are: Poison, GET, Hupu Report and other APPs.

If the customer feedback is good, then it is really good. Maxluxes does not have his own fake chat. Maxluxes’s WhatsApp Moments have feedback video live broadcasts, and refuse to cheat.


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