Replica Yeezy series foot feeling ranking! Not only good to wear but also cheap

Everyone knows that the most attractive fashion shoe series of Adidas is the Yeezy series launched by Kanye and Adi. In the past few years, Yeezy has also launched many different shoe styles, so which ones feel better? Check it out below!

Yeezy Boost 350V2

Among the shoes launched by Kanye and Adidas, the shoes have the best foot feel and the most color matching series. The influence of Yeezy Boost 350V2 in the sneaker circle can be said to be great! Its configuration is also the highest, not only with Boost midsole, but also with primeknit woven material, the all-round experience is very good.

Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Static” changes the personality of the Yeezy family, adopts a new design language, and brings a refreshing style.

Yeezy 700

As the leader of today’s daddy shoes, Yeezy 700 has a high appearance and popularity. The retro stitching shape of the upper, as well as different styles of color matching, are full of retro flavor when worn on the feet. And its midsole is also Boost, and the upper is made of suede, mesh and other materials.

Yeezy Boost 700 V2 “Static”, the V2 model is slightly simplified in the design of the side of the shoe body, and at the same time injects a larger area of 3M reflective three-bar elements, although the color scheme of white and gray seems simple, but the versatile attribute is extremely high. With the personalized shape and the blessing of the first color matching, the popularity is probably not low!

Yeezy 700 “Mauve” is even more profound in terms of atmosphere creation. Using dark blue and various depths of purple and brown embellishments, the actual color richness is not inferior to the former. With many 3M details, the visual impact is still undiminished, which is more suitable for winter!

Yeezy 500

Yeezy 500, as a well-known dad shoe in the past year, is still very popular! And its design is also the original retro old style, very individual. Of course, the design of the Yeezy 500 is also very stylish, and each color scheme is a solid color.

Yeezy 500 Salt, low-key earth gray color matching, gives a very good impression, and this is also a very representative color matching in Kanye‘s trendy shoes. It looks similar to the first color scheme, but it is deeper.


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