Replica Nike Air Jordan 35 Review from Maxluxes

This generation of Air Jordan can be said to have the purest Jordan bloodline, and also represent the highest level of Jordan Brand basketball shoes. The annual conference is like the Spring Festival Gala, which has attracted wide attention, and the spy photos of AJ35 have long been out. Recently, Air Jordan Brand officially released the latest Air Jordan 35 sneakers, so how about Jordan basketball shoes? When is AJ35 coming out? Does Jordan belong to Nike? What does Air Jordan mean? How much are Jordan authentic shoes? What are the colors of Jordan air basketball shoes AJ35? What is the design inspiration? Is Guo Ailun’s color matching good-looking? What technology is used in the midsole of the air Jordan 35? Is the shoe size correct? How does your foot feel? Please see the experience evaluation of the AJ35 generation basketball shoes brought by Maxluxes.

The first colorway of the Air Jordan 35 boots is Center Of Gravity, a tribute to the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 5.

In terms of upper design, leather and suede materials have been added this year, and the visual effect is richer and more layered, with a luxurious texture. Flightwire technology is newly added on both sides of the vamp, which is very lightweight, and also enhances the wrapping and stability performance, improving the practical attributes of the vamp.

In order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Air Jordan 5 shoes, this shoe also adds a lot of Air Jordan 5 design elements in details, such as the use of classic elements of AJ5 on the tongue and heel, and the lower position of the upper with 23. Anime words make the shoes look more lively, which is the finishing touch.

The biggest highlight of the whole pair of shoes is the hollow design across the midsole, officially called the Eclipse Plate 2.0 midsole technology. Compared with the previous generation, this version has further improved the height of the midsole, the hollow area is larger, and the stability of the lateral support has also been adjusted and improved.

In terms of cushioning, the front and rear palms are equipped with visible Zoom Air air cushions with a larger area, which can provide better cushioning performance and bring a surging foot feel.

The outsole adopts a classic herringbone pattern, with different directions and densities in different areas, and the grip performance is also quite good.

Next, let’s talk about the feeling of the feet. In terms of shoe size, according to the actual measurement of Xiaobian, the shoe size of Air Jordan 35 is half a size larger. If your feet are thin, you can choose half a size smaller to start.

The shoes are designed with light weight, the upper foot is very light, and the start-up is also very fast when breaking through, which does not affect the performance. The lace hole and the upper are integrated into one, plus the blessing of Flightwire technology, the wrapping is very good. Due to the high-top design of the shoes and a large amount of sponge filled in the upper lining, the protection of the ankle area is also very good.

Compared with last year, the hollow of the midsole is slightly moved forward, which is more suitable for the arch of the foot, and can obviously feel the support during exercise. The larger area of the Zoom Air air cushion also fully releases the pressure of the air cushion, and the foot feels excellent. The Eclipse Plate 2.0 structure extends to the shoe body and also provides good rollover resistance for the shoe. The grip performance of the sole is also extraordinary, and there is no need to worry about slipping and so on.

In general, the Air Jordan 35 continues the high-level design of the previous generation of shoes. The luxurious configuration of Eclipse Plate 2.0 midsole + Zoom Air super air cushion + Flightwire flying line has greatly improved the overall performance. It is the most popular top boots this year.

At present, the Air Jordan 35 generation boots have been officially released on Maxluxes. In addition to the first Center Of Gravity color matching, there are 4 color matching will also appear one after another, namely DNA color matching, Bayou Boys Zion PE color matching, Morpho Guo Ailun PE color matching and Warrior Hachimura Ru PE color matching, interested friends May wish to pay more attention.


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