Replica ECCO、Clark、Rockport、Cole Haan

With the vigorous development of the international market, many brands have begun to establish. Due to China’s huge population base, many brands have seen the potential of the Chinese market and entered the Chinese market, among which there are well-known footwear brands. So, which country does ecco belong to, and what are the three brands that are as famous as ecco?

The brand ecco is a well-known footwear brand in Denmark. It is mainly committed to creating mid-to-high-end brands. In recent years of development, it has gradually become well-known to consumers all over the world. It has its own factories all over the world, with unique The sales method, because the price is close to the psychology of consumers, has gradually become a trendy brand in the hearts of young people from all over the world, and is accepted by young people from all over the world.

The three brands with the same name as ecco, the other two are CLARKS from the UK and GEOX from Italy. The three brands are the three major leisure brands in the world, focusing on leisure, entertainment, sports and other products, and are relatively well-known in the international market. Among them, CLARKS ranks at the top of the world footwear brands, and the influence and familiarity of these three brands in China are relatively high compared to other brands.

In general, the three brands, ecco, CLARKS, and GEOX, have relatively good sales both internationally and in the Chinese market. These three brands have gradually become the mainstream leading the Chinese leisure trend. If you want to buy, you can check the brand’s official website to buy.

The Internet has passed through the comfortable ecco cork sole. After I personally wore it, I found that the comfort is actually not as good as the modern rubber sole. However, because of the excellent craftsmanship, Goodyear shoes still have obvious advantages in terms of appearance and workmanship. The tripod will be very confident on the desk. But in terms of comfort, it can be said that it is completely incomparable with the modern leather shoes of EVA foam midsole + Osole insole.

When it comes to comfortable and cost-effective “gentlemen’s shoes”, in my personal “centipede experience”, the “four kings” of ECCO, Clark, Rockpor and Cole Haan are none other than that. ECCO‘s shoes are relatively conservative in appearance, and the PU soles are wear-resistant and durable. They are the designated shoes of the Danish royal family. The type of Clarks shoes is actually similar to that of Aibu. Because it is a British brand, it is more traditional in appearance, but the shoes are very comfortable and have a history of 180 years of shoemaking.

ROCKPORT, translated as Lebu in Chinese, is known as a “leather shoe” that can run a marathon. This is relatively uncommon in China, but it is also a relatively well-known leisure brand abroad. And Lebu was once owned by Adidas, and it is very good at sports…

Cole haan was founded in Chicago in 1928. Its appearance is more American, and it is relatively younger. It needs to be more “publicized” and has richer colors. Similar to Lebu, Cole haan has also been acquired by Nike, and the leather shoes produced even have built-in AIR air cushions.


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