Recommendation of Air Jordan which is cheap, good-looking and versatile style

AJ is a shoe that is very popular among young people at the moment, and there are many AJ color matching styles, so many shoe fans will feel a little entangled in choosing. So which color is the most versatile? Which price is more favorable? The following editor will understand with you.

What style of Air Jordan is good-looking and cheap

The AJ color schemes are very good-looking. If you want to buy cheap and good-looking color schemes, the editor suggests that you can consider AJ1 black and silver silk. This pair of shoes is basically not worn by anyone in China. In addition, you can choose some relatively unpopular color schemes. Few people buy unpopular color schemes, so the price will naturally not be raised, and it is not easy to hit shoes.

In addition, you can also consider the AJ312, which is cheaper. This shoe is a combination shoe, which combines the elements of AJ1, AJ2 and Air Trainer 2, and the Air Sole air cushion on the back palm. The appearance is not bad.

In addition, you can also consider AJ Jumpman 2020. This shoe is based on the AJ34 and has been modified. The front palm is Zoom and the rear palm has foam, which is also okay.

What color is the best for Air Jordan?

There are many good-looking colors of AJ. Below I will recommend some colors that I like very much. You can refer to them as follows:

AJ1 black toe

I don’t need to describe the classic of this color scheme. This color scheme is comfortable and not exaggerated. Generally speaking, the color scheme of black hook and white toe cap is more pleasing.

AJ1 Hiroshi Fujiwara

The AJ1 Hiroshi Fujiwara Lightning joint name is also very classic. When it was first released, it ignited the shoe ring, but this shoe is also expensive and difficult to get. Friends who like it can consider buying AJ1 Fujiwara Hiroshi as a substitute.

AJ1 dunks the rebound

Seeing this color scheme, I just want to say that Jordan is awesome. The story of smashing the backboard also gave this pair of shoes a layer of gold.

When is Air Jordan the cheapest?

Now the price of AJ is quite expensive. If you want to get a discount, there may be a discount about a month before the next generation of AJ comes out. Generally speaking, the situation of different shoe styles is different. Some are not very popular, and basically the fluctuation range is not large. Buy early and enjoy early, and those with higher appearance will basically be speculated, and then some will be lowered. Regardless of the past, the popularity of dunk has risen, and the popularity of AJ1 has more or less dropped, and the price is cheaper than before.

The above are the good things I recommend for you, and I will recommend more good things for you in the future.


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