Pairs of amazing shoes Adidas Originals Tubular

The Adidas originals Tubular series was born in 2014. It has won the favor of many trend lovers with its unique casual fashion style, similar to the midsole design of Y-3D Qasa, and its exposure in the streets is also increasing, has quickly become an important shoe for Adidas, known as the clover Yeezy.

Compared with Yeezy Boost, which is hard to find in one shoe, the price of Adidas originals tubular series is more approachable and easier to buy.

What kind of shoes does Adidas Yeezy belong to? It belongs to the trendy casual shoes, such as this innovative model Adidas TUBULAR RADIAL, which combines the retro elements of the 90s with Y-3 high street DNA. The change in the material of the shoe body creates a texture, and the trend is versatile.


There are many people who have seen this Adidas Tubular X Primeknit. It is also the “most valuable” series in Tubular X. The reason is naturally because its shape is not only like the very Yeezy Boost 750, but the “X”-shaped outer wall of the shoe body makes its style independent.

Adidas Originals Tubular X first appeared in fashion week, and information about it can still be seen everywhere on Weibo and Hupu. The Adidas Tubular is inspired by the Tubular 93, a classic running shoe from 1990. Regarding the reason for its design, Nic Galway, vice president of global product design for Adidas Originals, once said: “We just think Tubular looks good, so we stuffed it into Adidas Originals.” -3 as design director.

Adidas Tubular X Primeknit is made of Primeknit fabric and leather, and it is equipped with a translucent outsole. The Tubular X series has clean colors, and the market price ranges from 1,000 yuan. Among them, the Primeknit fabric used by Tubular X is more used in football. Adidas upper processing technology, seamless connection, the upper and upper are woven into one, abandoning the original inner lining support frame, and relying on the upper itself to provide flexibility and support. In addition, the thermal fusion technology also has a combination of flying wires.


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