Once down jacket popular all over the world, now the “high imitation” replica is even more popular

As the weather gets colder and colder, people are also wearing warm down jackets to ward off the cold. Of course, even for down jackets, young people are very particular about brand effects. In addition, many people like to follow the trend very much, and this down jacket brand is also popular for a while.

Speaking of which, I believe many people should have guessed that this brand is naturally the Canada Goose that has been faked and rotten on the street. Since Jack Ma wore it at the World Internet Conference in 2017, the brand has also become an instant hit and is highly sought after by young people. If you talk about Canada goose before, many people may really associate them with geese. And now when it comes to Canada Goose, the first thing everyone thinks of is this down jacket brand.

Canada Goose, which has experienced decades of development in the market, has now become a world-renowned manufacturer of cold protection clothing. To say that the popularity of Canada Goose in the market is actually the same as the fur that many people spent tens of thousands to buy in previous years. Once winter enters, it seems that no matter whether it is a star or a passerby, they will wear “Canada Goose“.

Due to its increasing popularity in the market, the status of Canada Goose is also increasing, and it has gradually become a “luxury” existence in down jackets. A down jacket can easily cost tens of thousands, and almost everyone has one. However, this situation has changed since the beginning of this year. Like the situation faced by many retail industries, the Canada Goose, which was once popular all over the world and can be seen on the streets, is now “unsellable” in the market.

As for the reason for not being able to sell, some insiders pointed out that on the one hand, the price is too expensive, and on the other hand, it is also related to the proliferation of fake goods. Canada goose, which “sold crazy” in the market in the past two years, have gradually fallen from the altar this year. With the exposure of this industry chain, the truth that Canada Goose is not easy to sell is also “exposed”.

Some netizens said that they only need to spend a few hundred yuan to buy the same down jacket as the tens of thousands of Canada goose. This price has even reached the level of “fake goose“, and it is precisely because of this that many people are willing to spend hundreds of yuan to buy “fake goose”. Behind the proliferation of fake products, it actually reflects the “obsessed” of the Chinese people for Canada geese.

Some bloggers have voted online before, and almost 90% of them choose to buy “high imitations”. The result of this vote actually implies that Canada Goose will not have a good life in the market after that. According to data, Canada Goose’s revenue in the second quarter reached 150 million US dollars, which was converted into RMB 980 million. Such data has dropped by 34% year-on-year, which shows that Canada goose is no longer so “popular” in the market.

However, in contrast, it has to be said that Bosideng, who once had an intersection with Canada Goose. According to Bosideng’s interim performance report, the company achieved revenue of 4.661 billion yuan, of which the down jacket business revenue reached 2.989 billion yuan, which has far surpassed Canada Goose in terms of sales.

In terms of the price of down jackets, Bosideng also has clothing worth up to 10,000 yuan. Not only that, in terms of market value, Canada Goose and Bosideng have long been out of the same starting line. Judging from the market value performance in December, the market value difference between Bosideng and Canada Goose is as high as 10 billion.

It is also a high-end brand in down jackets. Canada Goose has only been popular for a while, but Bosideng has been able to survive in the domestic market for so long. The proliferation of fakes may be just one of the reasons. I don’t know if you are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a down jacket?


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