Off-White x Nike Blazer Low, a continuation of the classic

Off-White x Nike Blazer Low is the first pair of shoes designed by Nike and Virgil’s wife Shannon, and it is also the wish of inheriting the late Off-White manager Virgil.

  • Off-White x Nike Blazer Low

The Off-White x Nike Blazer Low is the first pair of shoes Nike designed in collaboration with Virgil’s wife Shannon, and it is also to inherit the wish of the late Off-White manager Virgil.

The inspiration for the shoe came from a text message Virgil Abloh had with the Nike design team during his lifetime. Virgil communicated his desire to “mix multiple expressions to create a new function” through the exchange of information.

Capturing Virgil’s creative vision, the Off-White x Nike Blazer Low incorporates the essence of multiple sneakers – the sole is based on the unique heel shape of the Nike Air Terra Fumara, paired with Blazer’s signature vulcanized sole to create a unique shape and a continuation of The Off-White x Nike Dunk Low’s perforated laces combined with an exposed foam tongue are the perfect interpretation of Virgil’s creativity and inspiration.

  • Yeezy Boost 350 “Turtle Dove” will be back?

When Yeezy Boost 350 “Turtle Dove” was first unveiled, the voice of spit was even more than expected. However, when it was released, all doubts disappeared with the soaring market price. As the originator of the current Yeezy series with the most color matching , the meaning of “Turtle Dove” is self-evident.

Over the years, Yeezy Boost 350v2 has been continuously updated, and the voice of eagerness to recreate the original 350 has been heard, but Ye or adidas have not responded.

However, it is not known whether the Yeezy 350 will be built with the same color scheme as the 350 v2, but in short, it must be good news for friends who like “Turtle Dove”.

If the 350 is back, will the 750 be far behind?

  • BAPE x New Balance 57/40 Collaboration

You have seen a lot of BAPE joint names, and each time the most eye-catching elements are presented on different styles.

A few days ago, the BAPE x New Balance 57/40 joint series was also exposed on the Internet. This time there are two color schemes, respectively color and gray/black. The representative elements of the brand such as camouflage and BAPE logo are all eye-catching, and the heel shark part is more It’s the finishing touch.

  • Patta x MIZUNO series shoes officially released

A few days ago, Patta officially announced its new Sky Medal collaboration shoes with MIZUNO on its social media. After the foreshadowing of the previous two cooperation, this cooperation seems to be more familiar to both parties.

This time, Patta is inspired by the classic styles and unique design lines of the early 1990s, and subtly integrates retro, sports and other labels into the design of Sky Medal. The retro style is more intense.

The cooperation between Japanese sports brand ASICS and atoms uses the ASICS GEL-1130 as the design blueprint, and is inspired by the design of the subway system in Tokyo and New York City to launch the atmos X ASICS GEL-LYTE III capsule series of sneakers.

The New York shoe features a Google Maps-style mass transit train system with a solid white midsole, while the Tokyo shoe model features a navy blue logo, Google Maps in Japanese, and an off-white midsole.

Put the city on your feet, what do you think?

Recently, New Balance and Aries jointly cooperated series “UNBALANCED” released.

This collaboration injects the essence of the Aries brand into New Balance and gives its core role to high-performance sports items. The collaboration shoes are dominated by black and red gradients, supplemented by neon yellow and green accents, and asymmetrical inside and out. The “UNBALANCED” design, the “NB-AA” joint logo on the side of the shoe body, and the two brand logos on the tongue and insole.


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