Nike’s mysterious team shoes Air Zoom G.T exposed

Recently, a mysterious Nike team shoe appeared. Without any publicity, it was discovered by one of our. It was confirmed that this pair of shoes was called Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut, and then he shared this post Reached a high number of likes and comments!

It can be seen that the hard players are very interested in this pair of shoes. Recently, Nike has just launched the “garbage shoes” Cosmic Unity and has gained a good market reputation. Will this mysterious pair of shoes be Nike? What about another killer move?

The reason why it is mysterious is that it is difficult for us to find information and news related to this pair of shoes, and we have not seen any advance shoes about it. Without any warning, it was so low-key on the shelf of an offline physical store. , This is unscientific for Nike, who is good at playing marketing tricks. Does Nike really want to do the opposite? It has the means but must rely on strength. Are you so confident in these shoes?

There may be two reasons for the low profile listing in my opinion:

First of all, it may be because it makes way for Cosmic Unity, which is the main push in the first quarter. After all, the shoes with the theme of environmental protection can better reflect the big brand image of Nike from the marketing level, even if you have a price similar to mine and a book configuration that does not lose to me, I also have to press you on the momentum, my garbage shoes are widely promoted, and your Zoom G.T can only act in a low-key manner;

The second is to stagger the release schedule of Cosmic Unity. The garbage shoes are listed in the first quarter. You have to wait until after April. After the garbage shoes have gained a good reputation since their release, Nike felt that it was time for them. The release was warmed up in advance, so I made a low-key appearance in individual stores in mid-to-late March and came to the market to test the water, so it makes sense to analyze that this pair of shoes only appeared in individual stores with a high enough level. , this may be a marketing method used by the cunning porcelain resistant;

The “G T” in the name of this pair of shoes is very interesting. This suffix often appears in car names. It not only represents the shape of a sports car, but also a symbol of stronger power and faster speed. Maybe this pair The inspiration for the design of the shoes comes from sports cars, so when I first saw this pair of shoes, I would think that it is a pair of running shoes, not a basketball shoe, because the streamlined feeling on its body is really too strong;

After the hxd asked the clerk, it was determined that this was a pair of team basketball shoes, and at the same time, he also had a preliminary understanding of the configuration of the shoes. Palm React insole (no detailed information yet, the configuration is to be confirmed), such a combination of configurations is quite explosive, and it is also unique in terms of history, and countless sneakers are also difficult to match;

Just looking at its book configuration, it can really give me a great shock, but looking back at Nike‘s “stacked technology” sneakers in the past year or two is not uncommon, the superposition of technology is indeed a demonstration of the brand’s own strength, but only The rational use of technology can maximize its function. The operation of showing muscles may not be able to withstand the test of the market. The “face project” that has no practicality will only lead to a waste of resources, and the self-defeating victim will eventually be himself.

When I learned that this pair of sneakers has such a configuration combination, I immediately thought of two pairs of shoes KD11 and Zoom BB Nxt, both of which are equipped with Zoom and React sneakers, in terms of comfort. It is indeed remarkable, but as a pair of actual combat shoes, it has absolute flaws;

Nike Air Zoom G.T Cut also matches these two technologies, but the placement method and technology form have changed. Whether it can learn from past experience and reshape a pair of sneakers without flaws remains to be proven with time;

The domestically produced, inaction, Adi, and the arrogant Nike seem to have become our inherent impressions of them in recent years, “walking on stilts”, “foot strength”, “skating shoes”… . It has made Nike the target of public criticism. In the online world where abuse is flying all over the sky, has the former king been scolded and awakened? Arrogance is the exposure of its strength and the reason for its fall. When the giant wakes up again, the ending will really have nothing to do with you…


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