NIKE’s leading cushioning technology Air Zoom recommends, the difference between AIR ZOOM and AIR SOLE

1. Ultra.Fly basketball shoes

This pair of shoes is the actual basketball shoes launched by Jordan Brand this year. The sole uses the Zoom Air cushioning air cushion with 9 air chambers in the forefoot similar to the Paul 9. According to the actual experience of the Paul 9, it is more inclined to provide players with strong and fast feedback, rather than a soft cushioning effect.

2. Air Zoom Elite 8 running shoes

This pair of shoes is the lightest running shoe in the Zoom series. The Zoom Air air cushion in the forefoot can provide a light and responsive cushioning feedback experience. The rear palm uses the same lightweight Phylon midsole, and the upper is a single-layer Flymesh fabric. NIKE’s official definition is: light and fast.

3. Kobe XI basketball shoes

As Kobe’s last signature basketball shoe before his career, the shoe has come in a variety of commemorative colorways. In terms of cushioning system, it is equipped with the most distinctive detachable Lunarlon insole of the Kobe series, and Air Zoom is placed on the heel of this pair of insoles. Guaranteed the most fitting foot feel, taking into account the cushioning and speed.

4. SB Zoom Stefan Janoski Skateboard Shoes

NIKE’s SB series has always been well-known in the field of street skating, and this Stefan Janoski signature skate shoe, designed by the skater himself, has excellent performance in both form and function. This pair of shoes is also equipped with a Lunarlon insole similar to the Kobe XI, and the Air Zoom air cushion is also embedded in the heel position.

TIPS: the difference between AIR ZOOM and AIR SOLE

ZOOM AIR (Nike’s most acclaimed high-performance air cushion)

Introduction: It is a flat air cushion with a fabric core, usually only half the thickness of max air. The core material is generally a nylon three-dimensional fabric. The fabric is divided into upper and lower layers with dense longitudinal fibers connected in between. The upper and lower layers of the fabric are connected to the upper and lower inner walls of the air chamber, which can provide a more sensitive and rapid response through the ductility of the fiber and the gas pressure.

Assessment: Nike interprets this as an impact air cushion. Very thin, allows the foot to be closer to the ground and improves stability. While providing cushioning, it also gives sufficient elasticity. I personally find it softer and more comfortable than the Max air. It is more suitable for outside balls with low weight and quick start.

Introduction to the air sole: rush into the interior, the pressure is generally 10psi. Usually built into the midsole of the shoe and not visible from the outside. This is Nike’s most basic air cushion. Even so, it comes in a variety of shapes, allowing it to be widely used in the production of low-end sneakers. Basically all shoes with small “air” on the upper or sole use air sole air cushion. Evaluation: Air-Sole is a “moderate” air cushion, which is balanced in terms of shock absorption, stability, and response speed.


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