Nike’s internal documents announced the collapse of the supply chain, canceling all orders for sale!

Since Nike announced the factory’s plan to “move out of China” in 2008, it has suffered a lot of complaints from domestic netizens. Although moving out of China can allow Nike to obtain less manufacturing costs, there are already many shoes after moving to the Vietnam factory. The quality of the crotch or the wrong version appears.

With the outbreak of the global epidemic, the shortcomings of Vietnamese factories have also been gradually enlarged. As early as last month, Nike‘s supply chain problems were revealed that 116 million pairs of shoes could not be produced. It is estimated that it will take at least two months to resume production. After maintaining supply and demand for a month, there will be a global out of stock. After the news broke, Nike also successfully appeared on Weibo hot search.

Nike’s internal documents announced the collapse of the supply chain, canceling all orders for sale! 1:1 replica from original factory on Maxluxes

At the same time, CCTV News also reported that Nike is about to be out of stock. And finally this morning, Nike can no longer hide the fact that the global stock is out of stock. An official Nike email sent to the sneaker agency store broke out on Twitter. The content of the email included the impact of the epidemic in Vietnam. Nike 2022 spring and summer will all be canceled.

After the news was announced, netizens exploded, and many Nike employees complained on Twitter that they were dealing with Nike orders in 2022.

According to calculations, the Sacai, Daisy and other co-branded shoes released during the 21-year holiday have not been affected by this out of stock, but the holiday Air Jordan shoes officially released by Nike are very likely to be out of stock and usher in a price increase.

Among them, the AJ1 patent leather shoes originally scheduled to be released on December 30 will inevitably usher in a wave of price increases. Needless to say, the 22-year spring and 22-year summer shoes will be released next year. Since ancient times, the less the volume of shoe circles, the higher the oversold. There is bound to be a big upswing!

Could 2022 be the year of Air Jordan due to the Vietnam factory? Nike had no choice but to cancel the sale. Netizens rushed into AJ shoes and started to speculate on them. In the end, only the shoe dealer in AJ laughed out loud.


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