Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 Training Shoe

For example, when playing football, many EZers said that after a full warm-up, half of their physical energy has been consumed! How to do it? The now very popular gym group high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a good choice, not only to keep you active in the winter, but also to reserve physical fitness for outdoor sports after the warmer year. If you are going to participate in a group class, are there any professional shoes to choose from? Of course there is! The Air Zoom SuperRep training shoes launched by Nike at the end of last year were born for group classes, and today, the second generation of products was released – Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 training shoes!

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 training shoes have been upgraded and improved on the basis of the success of the first generation. Two new designs have been added to the original design that takes into account cushioning and support, bringing better wearing comfort to the shoes. But before that, the most important thing about SuperRep 2 is the outsole design, which is the reservation of the core technology of the previous generation.

The forefoot of the separated outsole is still joined with the Zoom Air air cushion unit. While the visual effect is outstanding, it also brings very obvious cushioning and protection performance during exercise, especially the burpee, leaning over and raising legs that often occur in HIIT training. Action, you can clearly feel the energy feedback of your feet every time you land, helping the next action to continue.

The forefoot also features an innovative Burpee Break cut that appeared in the first generation, allowing the feet to bend naturally, providing effective pivoting and stable support for movements such as planks, push-ups and burpees. The midsole retains a whole stable piece of FLYPLATE, which extends from the heel to the forefoot, making the foot forward and in preparation for most of the upright movements in HIIT training. Put on the Air Zoom SuperRep 2 training shoes, from static stances to dynamic movements, FLYPLATE stabilizers provide strong support for your feet.

The outer side of the forefoot is also the Containment Shield large arc stabilizer. They are like the brake pads of the car, providing sufficient support and protection for various lateral movements of the footsteps, allowing you to easily stop during side lunges or side bounces. The above are very functional and designed for high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and will continue to help athletes on SuperRep 2 training shoes, so you must not miss the second generation of new products.

Of course, as an upgraded product, changes are indispensable. Nike has made very targeted adjustments to the wearing feel of the shoes. The first is that the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 has added a flexible and fit tongue, which has changed the design of the previous generation of one-piece sock-type tongues. This change is more suitable for people with high insteps, and the adaptability and comfort of the feet are better. At the same time, the locking and stability brought by the shoelace system will be more prominent.

The second improvement is that Nike has adopted a looser forefoot design, which is also to enhance the compatibility of the foot and the comfort of wearing, so that a wider group of people can wear SuperRep 2 for group training. The two new changes and the original mesh upper material with good comfort and wrapping will make SuperRep 2 more wearable in addition to its excellent functionality, which is very important.

Now gym HIIT group class is a very popular item, but most of the classmates wear ordinary running shoes, which are more cushioned and comfortable, but lack of support and auxiliary functions. They have to deal with high-intensity interval training, circuit training and other fast-paced For sports, it would be wiser to choose the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2, after all, the shoes are more targeted. Solving the problem of wearing comfort for a generation, the current SuperRep 2 will become another reason for you to fall in love with group classes.


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