New thing about sneakers Air Jordan 37 that was stepped on !

Put on the AIR JORDAN 37 men’s basketball shoes, gallop quickly, leap forward, and improve your performance on the field. This refreshed and upgraded AJ is designed to provide a superior lift-off and landing experience: multiple Air cushioning configurations help you get off the ground quickly, and Formula 23 foam is effective in rebounding and cushioning. The upper features a durable leno-weave material that delivers superior coverage no matter how fast you’re moving, so you can stay focused.

In today’s preseason game between the Celtics and the Raptors, I saw the Greens player Grant Williams kicked the AJ37 under his feet in a counterattack round…

Judging from the replay of the live broadcast, Gewei’s foot is full of power, and the AJ37 instantly disintegrated from the upper of the shoe, which is a whole explosion. Fortunately, Gewei himself was not injured, and the blasted AJ37 was picked up by Smart.

The smart brother immediately did a good job for us. He raised his shoes and backhanded Tatum, the main spokesperson of AJ37. Not to mention how embarrassing the scene was. (It is worth mentioning that Smart, as the spokesperson of PUMA, this hand-in-hand operation can really be recorded by PUMA, ready to be promoted and raised… Smart, you are too bad)

Air Jordan 37

Let’s look back at such a pair of AJ37s that have not withstood the actual test of NBA players. The first thing to analyze for everyone is the version identity of the pair of AJ37s. Not surprisingly, it should be consistent with the regular commercial version, but it appears in the form of player sizes. Or the generous gift of Rex Rabbit, or the boots arranged by the team’s equipment manager, it is possible.

This pair of AJ37s has now been recycled by Jordan Brand with a high probability to study the future of the new version of the Leno-weave upper. Gway’s kick even saves the trouble of dismantling…

Today, except for the AJ37 being stepped on, the national release of Barb 3.0 is also a popular event. After a few months, the release of the barb once again led the carnival of the shoe circle.

At the same time, the launch of Barb 3.0 as the first overweight shoe after the return of SNKRS software has caused many jokes: users have said that they have experienced the failure to find the lottery channel, size inventory; settlement errors, payment failures Waiting for a series of bugs…

adidas Trae Young 2

Finally, let’s take a look at the classic Ice Trae color matching that Trae Yang is wearing today. The whole shoe not only retains the basic design language of the signature shoes, but also integrates the retro BYW elements. The three-bar stripes on the toe cap are the finishing touch…


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