New from Nike! AJ 37 are coming, hexagonal warriors easily hang Adidas

Recently, the NBA Finals are in full swing, and the Warriors and Celtics are tied. As the spokesperson of Nike, Tatum has also frequently used the new color matching of AJ36 recently to assist Nike’s publicity. In the previous training, the AJ 37 on the upper foot attracted everyone’s attention. And the new color matching of AJ 37 has already been exposed, and the new color matching of AJ 36 is emerging one after another. Can these color matching catch your eye? Without further ado, let’s take a look.

Air Jordan37 – “Light Bone” color matching physical exposure

This is the actual AJ37 “Light Bone” color matching picture of Tatum’s feet during training. AJ37 uses a new lightweight woven mesh, the inner layer has a support structure, and the midsole has a diamond-like design. Maybe In order to echo the 75th anniversary of the NBA, the midsole is configured with Zoom Strobel air cushion and forefoot Zoom air cushion, as well as the rear palm Formula 23 foam and the long-lost midfoot carbon plate.

It is still the familiar color scheme of Bugs Bunny, and the appearance is acceptable. It’s just that the style of AJ37 seems to be more and more biased towards the team style. It has been a long time since the AJ34 appeared in front of the eyes. Moreover, the AJ37 is quite similar to the Westbrook series, which is a bit embarrassing.

It can be seen that the sole of the AJ37 is obviously the design element of the AJ7, and it is also said that the hollow design of the AJ37 upper is also a tribute to the Air Jordan 7.

According to Nike’s official introduction, Air Jordan 37 has three key stages when jumping based on basketball: Crash, Load, and Launch, respectively, giving the shoe back palm wrapped by TPU module. Formula 23 high-performance foam, midsole carbon fiber board, forefoot Zoom Air Strobel air cushion and Zoom Air cushion combination are super technical configuration, and use this to provide each wearer with the best rebound experience.

In the upper part, Air Jordan 37 has made a further improvement attempt on the basis of the continuation of the Leno-weave material in the previous generation, switching to a stronger and more flexible Arkema yarn, thinner upper and larger woven holes , What kind of light foot feeling will it bring?

Of course, compared to such a strong sports technology configuration, the design of the Air Jordan 37 seems to be too low-key.

AJ36 new color matching emerge in an endless stream, but most of them are known by Tatum’s feet.

This color matching shoe is inspired by the car of “Rex Rabbit” – the Ford Mustang. It seems to be an ordinary black color scheme, but I didn’t expect this origin.

The pair of Melody Ehsani x Air Jordan 36 Low PE that Tatum previously wore in team training was created by Los Angeles-based female designer Melody Ehsani.

The shoe body of this color matching shoe is covered with a large area of serpentine elements, and the sole is printed with the pattern of “Hand of Fatima”. The hand of Fatima is a common palm-shaped amulet in West Asia and North Africa, which is mostly found in jewelry. And indoor decoration application.

As we all know, Taco is not only James’ favorite, but also one of Tatum’s favorite food. The color theme of “Taco Jay” often appeared on the PE shoes of “Rex Rabbit” before. This colorway is inspired by the hot sauce and cheese in Taco.

Tatum wore the shoes in the first game of the finals, and the color matching shoes were inspired by the high-energy performance of the “Rex Rabbit” on the court. Although Tatum has repeatedly hit the iron, the assists are okay.

Jordan Brand previously launched a personal colorway for Chris Matthew, known as the “Lethal Shooter”, as a shooting trainer. He also became the first trainer in history to own the original Air Jordan PE shoes.

The latest color matching of AJ36 is exposed, but this color matching for the Year of the Tiger will come too late, it is already June. The color of the shoe body is very colorful and fancy, and it is made up of a mixture of various colors. The tongue part has a golden “tiger head” pattern, echoing the theme of the Year of the Tiger.

Well, these are the new products of AJ37 and 36. Most of them are also PE color matching. What do you think can catch your eye? Welcome to leave a message in the background to discuss!


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