More than a dozen double-pound AJ exposures In addition to the joint name, there is also the first year AJ1 with a market price of over 10,000

More than a dozen double-pound AJ exposures In addition to the joint name, there is also the first year AJ1 with a market price of over 10,000

1/4 of 2022 will pass quietly, and more Air Jordan Brand’s new shoe release information will gradually “surface”.

What will be the next joint brand new products? What are the return of the first year color matching? With the questions that everyone is most concerned about, the editor has compiled a list of the blockbuster releases of the AJ camp this year.

Among them are not only the upcoming ‘Low-top Barb TS x AJ1′ and ‘Guanxi CLOT new joint name’, but also the ‘OG Wang Zhuang’ that everyone has been waiting for for many years and the ‘popular dark horse’ that has quickly become popular!

More than ten double pounds AJ Which are your must-pays, I believe you will know after reading it!

Union x Air Jordan 2

Release Date: April 8 (TBD) Release Price: $225 USD

Union, who has always had unique insights into deconstruction, will bring the latest Air Jordan 2 joint name in the near future.

Suede and canvas materials with the iconic UN/LA label, texture and details are better than the traditional AJ2.

Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS “Pure Violet”

Every spring and summer Jordan Brand will bring new products of Air Jordan 11 Low!

This year will start with the immortal ‘Violet’ color scheme, and the current news will be released in the WMNS specification at the end of this month.

A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 2

A Ma Maniére from Atlanta is definitely a popular dark horse in the sneaker circle in the past two years! The unique Vibe style is old-fashioned, making the previously co-branded AJ1 and AJ3 out of the limelight.

The latest A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 2 is expected to release at the end of this month.

The cracked leather and the midsole with snake pattern elements are both fresh and familiar, and the upper foot effect is still full of retro flavor.

Air Jordan 4 WMNS “Canvas”

The Air Jordan 4 WMNS “Canvas”, dubbed the “Little Levis Joint” by players, uses off-white canvas to build the tongue, and the midsole is also wrapped in canvas to create a more uniform texture presentation.

Today, the market price of Levis x Air Jordan 4 in 2018 has exceeded the $1000 mark.

This downright canvas white shoe dress is undoubtedly the best choice to replace it.

Air Jordan 11 Low “72-10”

To celebrate the Bulls’ incredible regular-season record, the 2015 Air Jordan 11 “72-10” gave the AJ11 a fresh and stylish look with a new patent leather color.

In May of this year, the “Big Devil”, which hit millions of sales that year, returned with a low-top version. The outstanding leather texture and the handsome metallic red Jumpman Logo are impeccable in terms of appearance, both men and women.

CLOT x Air Jordan 5 Low

Whether it’s Terracotta Warriors or Chinese Jade, every collaboration between CLOT and Jordan Brand exudes a strong Chinese theme.

The CLOT x Air Jordan 5 Low, which is expected to debut at the end of May, interprets the new Chinese heritage through the satin shoe body, the Chinese character “two three” and the beaded shape on the shoelace buckle.

Air Jordan 1 Hi “Heritage”

The color scheme of the lightning barb AJ1 is reinterpreted in white and red.

It not only has a similar visual construction, but also brings a refreshing release of vitality.

Simple and refreshing foot effect, durable and versatile.

TS x Air Jordan 1 Low “Reverse Mocha”

Travis Scott’s “reverse mocha” TS x Air Jordan 1 Low, which was frequently used before, is expected to debut in the middle of the year.

As the highlight of this year’s AJ camp, continue the hot barb setting.

The contrast between light brown and milky white looks more retro, but what remains the same is that it is still very difficult to get started.

Air Jordan 2 “Maison Chateau Rouge”

This year, Jordan Brand is determined to bring the Air Jordan 2 on fire. This is the third joint name exposed this year!

Invited to collaborate with Parisian fashion brand Maison Chateau Rouge.

The African exotic style they are good at is injected into the design through the texture of the shoe body and graffiti elements, and the inside and outside of the shoe body is a play.

Air Jordan 1 “Yellow Toe”

After many bounces, this brightly colored ‘black and yellow toe’ Air Jordan 1 is set to debut in August this year. Although it has not caught up with the east wind that must be popular in the past two years, the high recognition degree still makes people look forward to it.

Air Jordan 4 WMNS “Canyon Purple”

Because the color matching is similar to EVA’s first machine, this pair of ‘purple suede’ AJ4, which has just been exposed recently, has earned a lot of attention.

The outstanding texture and unique colors collide, I believe that there are many small partners who want to start.

Air Jordan 2 “Chicago”

After reading the 3 AJ2 joint names exposed this year, the equally popular first-year Chicago color matching will debut in October at the end of the year. For OG players who love the first year, it is also a must-have this year.

Air Jordan 1 “Chicago Reimagined”

The most mysterious and most anticipated new product this year is the Air Jordan 1 Hi “Chicago Reimagined”!

Not this year’s replica

Although no physical pictures have been exposed for the time being, it is rumored that it will be re-engraved with the specifications of the “closest to the first year”, which is enough to make the friends who have been waiting for the Chicago AJ1 for many years excited.

Air Jordan 11 WMNS “Midnight Navy”

In November in recent years, Air Jordan Brand will bring a new WMNS women’s Air Jordan 11.

This year, velvet is used instead of patent leather, showing the mysterious texture of midnight blue tone. At present, only renderings have been exposed, which makes people curious about

the true appearance of the real thing.

Air Jordan 11 “Cherry”

As the end of the year’s “shoe circle New Year’s goods”, the Air Jordan 11, which debuted in December this year, is seen through the exposed renderings, using a pleasing white and red dress to show people.

Red patent leather with white nylon and leather body, plus the red Jumpman Logo embellishment, the overall visual effect is dazzling, and the effect on the feet will be very colorful.

The above is the current exposure of this year’s AJ blockbuster new product joint name and the first year of OG, and the new color matching with good looks will appear in turn. Which pairs do you most want to save money for?


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