Men over the age of 35, it is not recommended to wear AJ! These 3 shoes are fashionable, versatile and masculine

In the style of wearing, shoes play the finishing touch and also reflect the fashion taste of the wearer.

Therefore, how to choose a pair of suitable shoes has become a compulsory course. For many men, they are to AJ what women are to lipstick, an integral part of the look.

But with the growth of age, too trendy and fashionable sneakers like AJ can easily make the shape look inconsistent. Especially for men who are over 35 years old, it is really no longer recommended to wear AJ. The following 3 kinds of shoes are fashionable and versatile, yet masculine.

  1. Leather shoes

When a man is over 35 years old, leather shoes are the indispensable shoes for wearing.

Men are to leather shoes, just like women are to high-heeled shoes, it can not only enhance the style and temperament, but also show personal taste and status.

In addition, when it comes to leather shoes, it is natural to be inseparable from suits. The CP combination of “suit + leather shoes” is made in heaven. The combination of the two is fashionable and high-end, giving people a feeling of “successful career”, suitable for workplaces or banquets. occasion.

2, white shoes

Men of any age should pay attention to cleanliness and simplicity, especially for middle-aged men in their 35s. Therefore, small white shoes have become the finishing touch in the dressing style, setting off the refreshing and clean temperament of the wearer.

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN shoes have fashionable and versatile attributes, and can also play a certain age-reducing effect, which is very suitable for 35-year-old men who want to wear a youthful look.

In terms of matching, small white shoes can easily control fashion, leisure, and formal styles. Whether it is casual with jeans, or semi-formal and semi-casual with formal style, it can reflect the good fashion taste of 35-year-old men.

3, sports shoes

Unlike AJ, sneakers are more casual than fashionable in version design, and can be easily controlled by 35-year-old men.

The sneakers are comfortable to the feet, and meet men’s styling needs for practical wear, and the style design is diversified, providing more choices and matching options.

In terms of matching, sports shoes are the most suitable for sportswear, which makes people look young and energetic, and the whole body exudes a strong smell of hormones.

The hooded sweater is paired with sweatpants and a pair of sneakers. The simple style can not only highlight the line of the figure, but also has the effect of reducing age. The whole person does not look like 35 years old at all, full of youthful feeling.


Men over the age of 35 should not be too casual in dressing, especially the choice of shoes.

AJ, which is sought after by young people, is really not suitable for 35-year-old men. It always gives people a feeling of excessive pursuit of fashion. Leather shoes, white shoes and sports shoes are the best choices.


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