Maxluxes: More and more middle class and wealthy are willing to buy fakes which from replica original factory

Note that the luxury original list is not discussed here, because I don’t believe that such a thing exists and have never seen a real luxury original list, so I only discuss the light luxury original list that I understand. The original single pictures that appear below are real pictures taken by friends themselves.

Difference 1 The original order will provide exquisite and detailed real photos, and will focus on the lining, hardware and other accessories; fake products will provide non-detailed pictures or stolen pictures. Therefore, the original one looks like an authentic product, and the fake product often comes with a fake label come and send a detailed real picture~

The original order is often out of stock, and it is really often out of stock…and the color number is not complete, it is really often incomplete…. The stock of all the color numbers of a certain treasure fake replicas can exceed 100. Really, how come there are so many original orders in the world! You can wholesale as a luxury! How many losers like me are in trouble! How can there be the same demand as Silk Street! Where does such a high output come from! Even if it is really high-yield, the vast majority will go to the counters, right.

The original package is soft, the hardware texture is good, the zipper is smooth, the fake package is hard, the hardware texture is rough and even fades, and the zipper often gets stuck.

The original order is not cheap, and it does not include free shipping. Some treasure fakes can’t wait for 200 to get free shipping. The original order must be made from the same raw materials in the same factory. Can 200 crocodile skins be shipped Crocodiles are crying! Not to mention crocodiles! Lambskin 200 can cry to death for lambskin! ! Many of the light luxury original orders sold by my friends are above 1,000, and the cheap ones cost more than 700 and 800; of course, the Le Boy bag she sells is a high imitation Chanel, and it can be done for less than 1,000 yuan hahaha.

Why do so many people, and even so many local tyrants, buy replica luxury goods?

First, because the price is cheap, of course, good high imitations often break through thousands or even thousands, but they are still much cheaper than counters; second, on the basis of cheap prices, good high imitation materials can achieve the same The genuine counters are the same (although the suppliers must be different) and the workmanship is perfect, so why not use them to pretend The third high imitation is of good quality. The quality question about luxury goods has been answered in the previous. Fourth, many local tyrants buy genuine counters for the purpose of collecting value-added gifts and matching clothes on occasions, not for daily use, but to buy high-end products Imitation is for everyday use. In short, the expensive price of genuine products in luxury counters, fragile qualityvalue preservation features, etc., many local tyrants will not only buy high imitations, but even the number of high imitations is equal to the number of genuine products.

What’s more, a genuine product is matched with a high imitation, and the authentic product is sent to the circle of friends or placed in the collection cabinet at home, and the high imitation is backed out of the street.


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