Maxluxes: Adidas Alphabounce M Running Shoe Out-of-the-Box Review!

This running shoe features a stretch upper for a comfortable fit and is designed for professional running. Midsole force help force the movement of the inside and outside of the foot. The comfortable fit is integrated into the 3M effect and the luminous effect is very attractive!

The midsole uses adidas’ Bounce cushioning technology, the main feature of which is the rapid force feedback after stepping down. But that’s not the most interesting thing about the midsole of this shoe. The most interesting thing about this midsole is that from the side you will feel the same as the standard version. But if we look at it from a different angle and look at it from above, we will find that the midsole is at least two laps wider than the standard version.

The whole midsole feels like it is expanding toward the ground, a bit like a modified suspension racing car. The ultra-wide track brings excellent handling to the car. It is not difficult to understand why it can complete the reentry run well, a project that requires extremely high stability of the shoe. The side of the midsole still maintains the same landing angle and force angle as the standard version, so that you will not feel any difference from the standard version during straight running.

adidas alphabounce beyond m running shoes,

Comfortable cushioning, stable support, non-slip and wear-resistant,

Suitable for running training within 30km,

Everyday casual wear is more versatile and generous!

alphabounce beyond small Yeezy running shoes,

The midsole that extends outward is larger than alphabounce,

And increased the protective bracket at the heel,

The safety performance is greatly improved, and the bounce midsole rebounds strongly.

Continue to use the one-piece tongue design with UltraBOOST,

The heel ring TPU material increases stability and wrapping,

The overall shrinkable design and the prominent wrapping foam inside,

Both provide comfortable stability with both feet in.

adidas has placed an independent geometric module inside BOUNCE,

This module made of high molecular polymer material,

Durability is greatly improved and is not affected by air temperature.

A sloping gully design is added to the outside of the alphabounce midsole.

In addition to the design sense used to increase the midsole,

To a large extent, it can also increase a certain midsole stability.

alphabounce beyond adds rubber wraps to the shoelace holes and the heel.

Enhances the stability of the shoe, lowers the height of the tongue,

An EVA heel bracket is added to the heel,

To help the Bounce midsole play a better role in cushioning,

The comfort of the new version of Alpha Yeezy has been greatly improved.

The delicate vamp texture retains the shark cheek design.

Further improvement in vision and wearing experience,

It is undoubtedly a trendy running shoe with high cost performance.


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