Jordan Brand SP23 New Arrival

Earlier, Jordan Brand’s 2023 spring new products were exposed, a total of 12 pairs of Air Jordan genuine sneakers. Among them, the white cement Air Jordan 3 that has received much attention will return again, and it will be officially released on March 11. The black and white panda Air Jordan 1 is expected to be released in February. The playoff color matching Air Jordan 13 “Playoffs” will be officially released on February 18th.SOAR NEWS|​Jordan Brand SP23 New Product, VANS x BOTANIZE

Nike Dunk Low CO.JP

The CO.JP Japan limited series welcomes new members again, this time choosing the popular low-top Dunk Low shoes. This pair of Nike Dunk Low CO.JP is the first exposure of physical pictures, made of snakeskin texture, and is a leather lining.

FRGMT x CONVERSE Chuck 70 Joint Series

This FRGMT x CONVERSE Chuck 70 joint series includes two options of high and low tops, pink and lake blue, followed by fragment design lightning and FRGMT logo to show the cooperative identity.

VANS x BOTANIZE collaboration shoes

Collaboration shoes feature urban botanicals in dark green and gray, while lime green Vans signature checkerboard graphics are accented on the Slip-On side panels and Authentic outsole respectively; The suede and canvas are used for collision and treated with water and dirt. The inside of the shoe is covered with waterproof material WATER TECH to prevent moisture from entering.

New Balance 57/40 GORE-TEX New Colorways

The design is based on two neutral colors of “Black” and “Brown” and integrated into the GORE-TEX upper, with a thickened canvas pad and gray heel rubber pad, beige midsole and rubber outsole. Also includes black sockliner, embossed tongue and side GORE-TEX label.

NEIGHBORHOOD x Pharrell Williams

Vulcan Salute Ceramic Incense Holder

In addition to paying tribute to “Star Trek”, this shaped ceramic incense holder can also see the “PW” representing Pharrell Williams on the inside and outside of the wrist. It is modeled on Pharrell’s right hand and is made of faded blue ceramics. The lifelike palm lines, wrinkles and nails are designed as a detachable base. The base is attached with logos on both sides to show their identity, and it says “Made in Japan”.

UNDEFEATED x Wolves Whiskey

The new spirit is a blend of craft whiskey and rye whiskey, infused with Russian River water, and distilled in Sonoma County, California, to bring a unique and mellow taste. The design of the wine bottle and packaging is also aesthetically pleasing. The leather-like label wraps around the bottle body, reflecting the dark brown body of the bottle, showing a rather textured visual match; the UNDEFEATED five-stripe embossed pattern is printed on the label, and the brand name and the date of the wine; in addition, the coarse cloth bottle bag restores the classic whiskey packaging, and the Wolves Whiskey advertising slogan is printed in black font on the bottom of the bag, which looks high-end.


This first wave of NFC sports equipment reflects the brand’s views and vision on sportswear in the new era, with comfortable fabrics and details, allowing users to feel relaxed, comfortable, and confident in both on-court competition and off-court life, while also incorporating another aspect of the brand’s agriculture Elements, to create simple and practical clothing, but without losing the details.


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