Is Thom Browne a fashion brand? Where I can buy the replica?

Speeking of trendy brand, maybe You don’t know much about foreign brands. You may have heard more about the more famous brands like Supreme and OW. You may not have heard much about the brand Thom Browne. Maxluxes did not know much before. It is also because of some coincidences that I learned about this brand by chance, and today I will give you some popular science. While if you want to know or buy Thom Browne, you can go to the We sell its replicas, after all, the real products are too expensive for most people.

Is Thom Browne a fashion brand?

Thom Browne is still a good brand in the United States. But whether it is a trendy brand is not what the editor said.

What grade is Thom Browne

As a luxury brand, the price starts at 200 dollars. But we here ( only half price of Thom Browne, and use the best materials make good quality for every pair of replica shoe.

In 2001, Thom Browne, a new and cutting-edge brand with a sinister and cool feeling and embodying the style of the American gangster, held a fashion show for the first time. Thom Browne men’s suits are unique in their tailoring and fit—the trousers have no belt at the waist and are always one size smaller, showing the ankles; the tops are always so short that the cuffs reveal the shirt. 3 inches, always 3 buttons on the front, narrow neck, side slits – like the “hobbit” costume in the movie “Lord of the Rings”, it makes people feel fashionable, fresh and interesting.

Thom Browne‘s suits are known in charcoal grey, with a tie cut from the same fabric, and a silver tie clip, white shirt, and black leather shoes complete the look. Fashion in Thom Browne’s view is highly personal and serves the wearer himself. Thom Browne believes that fashion and style come from the inside of the wearer and should be very natural, and Thom Browne, who looks like a big Hollywood star, is the perfect spokesperson for his menswear. Thom Browne men’s clothing challenges the old-fashioned traditional men’s clothing with fine workmanship, exquisite tailoring and outstanding tailoring design, so that business men who wear formal clothes every day have a more natural, relaxed, fashionable and individual style for New selection.

Thom is also unique in the way he uses Australian Merino wool, creating a great style for the wearer with comfort in mind.

Thom Browne’s ready-to-wear collections are available in the US, France, Italy, the UK, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Actually, there is still something.

How is the quality of Thom Browne

It is mainly driven by stars and the design and texture of the product itself. Once it becomes popular and highly recognizable, more and more people will like it. In fact, ro’s shoes are very easy to wear in the same price range. The materials are very conscientious, and they are comfortable to wear without burden. Compared with gz and cl, I prefer ro. The dark series is a good match without exaggeration.

The people around me who wear TB are all young literary and artistic young people, and the people who wear RO are basically related to art.

Thom browne first saw the very popular four-bar sports suit three years ago and bought a pair of sweatpants. It cost nearly 4,000 RMB for the purchasing agent I was looking for.

When I received it, I was dumbfounded. The fabric used for the offset printing sweater with four bars is also a general material. Anyway, no matter how I look at it, I feel that it is not worth the price (because I am engaged in the textile industry, I may be a bit harsh on the fabric) But that didn’t stop me from falling in love with this brand! During this period, I also bought genuine products and high imitations. To be honest, because this brand is too easy to imitate, TB imitation goods are flying all over the sky. If you don’t know this brand very well, you basically can’t tell the truth from the fake. Sincerely, Tom is really a genius and simple. A little improvement on the basic things is completely refreshing. I hope that those who like trendy men’s clothing can communicate with each other.


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