Inventory of the top ten Air Jordan basketball shoes in actual combat

As Jordan’s main brand of actual combat sneakers, aj is definitely good in actual combat. Today, the editor compiled the top ten introductions of the current aj basketball shoes in actual combat. Let’s see how many models you have bought?

NO.10——Air Jordan 12

AJ12’s entry into the list will never surprise everyone. As the first pair of AJ sneakers to enter the Chinese market at the time of release, AJ12 has perfectly won word of mouth for the Air Jordan series. The full-length ZOOM AIR air cushion + large-area carbon plate provided this pair of sneakers with excellent cushioning and torsion resistance at the time. The simple appearance design is inspired by women’s high heels, which also makes the AJ12 have an unexpected slender feeling when it is on the foot. This appearance and configuration are still outstanding today after 20 years. Perhaps the AJ12 can have a higher ranking, but it is a pity that the better designs of the 11th and 13th generations make the AJ12 in the middle look a bit dim.

NO.9——Air Jordan 31

As the current AJ sneaker list, it is reasonable for Air Jordan 31 to appear on the list. The gimmick created by AJ31 to pay tribute to AJ1 before its release really made this pair of sneakers attract people’s attention. The return of the flying wing logo and the concept of the anti-gravity device undoubtedly add the finishing touch to the pair of AJ31 standing at the focus of attention. This is both inheritance and innovation. We can find the shadow of the AJ1 generation on the 31st generation, and we can also find its unique shining points on the 31st generation. This may be the beginning of another series, and it is also Jordan Brand’s first step in tribute and innovation. AJ31 won the ninth place, which also proves everyone’s expectations for this new series.

NO.8——Air Jordan 6

The recently released Gatorade, Chinese New Year, wheat and other color schemes made AJ6 secure the eighth place. Word of mouth is the most important factor for AJ6 to be on the list. The pull-up tongue modified according to Jordan’s suggestion, the pull ring on the heel imitating the sports car and the “23” hidden on the upper, these ingenious and heart-wrenching designs are endlessly memorable even in the first place. The inwardly recessed hole in the sole is used to enhance the pressure release during exercise, and this design has also been used to the eighth generation. The ubiquitous innovative design firmly makes the AJ6 occupy the eighth place.

NO.7——Air Jordan 5

The AJ5, which overwhelmed the AJ6 and AJ12 and successfully won the seventh place, must have a reason why everyone loves it. Compared with AJ6, AJ5 is not so good in innovation, but innovation means questioning. In terms of risk taking and inheritance, AJ5 chose the latter. The same toe cap and plastic breathable mesh as the previous generation have been inherited on the AJ5, and the success of the AJ4 generation is also doomed that the AJ5 will not be worse. The sideways of the shoes are derived from the shark tooth pattern of World War II fighter jets and the first attempt at the crystal bottom reminds everyone of this Air Jordan 5, which seeks innovation in inheritance.

NO.6——Air Jordan 13

Not being able to enter the top five on the list really frustrated some “loyal fans” of the AJ13 generation. Indeed, AJ13 is very good in the original series no matter in terms of appearance or actual combat itself. The special-shaped sneaker outsole and cat eyes on the shoe body created after Jordan’s own nickname make AJ13 look like a sneaker that can be seen at any time in the dark. Cheetah ready to hunt. Good actual combat performance is also one of the reasons why AJ13 has extra points. The high-top shape always protects your ankles, and the thick sponge padding does not make your feet feel any discomfort. No matter whether AJ13 ranks in the top five or not, it will not affect its position in sneaker’s heart. I believe that the AJ13 Panda that will be released soon will definitely attract a “reign of terror”.

NO.5——Air Jordan 3

Finally came to the top five of the top ten list! AJ3 has entered the ranks of the top five without any suspense. Everyone must know the legendary story of AJ3 very well, and the most famous one is the dunk from the free throw line that year. This year, Jordan Brand also brought many classic OG color schemes to the stage. The once expensive black cement was also successfully lower than the original price. The classic AJ3 brought back many old fans and also won a large number of new fans. The simple appearance and classic story make AJ3 enduring, and AJ3’s becoming the top five goalkeeper also makes other lower-ranked “brothers” have no complaints.

NO.4——Air Jordan 32

People never expected that the AJ32 would have such a high ranking. As the latest AJ generation, the super popularity of the AJ32 is by no means groundless. The actual combat ability that people praise is also worthy of the AJ32’s own positioning. The separated ZOOM air cushion of the front and back palms, the Flyknit upper and the FlightSpeed ​​system are all the best technologies that Jordan Brand can provide at this stage. Some people buy AJ32 for technology, some people buy AJ32 for AJ brand, and some people buy AJ32 for spokesperson. That’s right, AJ32 launched an exclusive PE for Guo Ailun, the first Asian signing player, which also made AJ32’s status in Greater China soar.

NO.3——Air Jordan 4

AJ4 can get such a high ranking thanks to Jordan Brand’s “co-branding method”. TS joint, Kaws joint and Levis black, white and blue three-double joint made AJ4 reach unprecedented heat. Nowadays, no matter whether the sneakers are good-looking or not, no matter whether the color scheme is satisfactory or not, as long as it is a joint name, it will be hyped. This allows some sneakers who don’t like joint sneakers at all to have every pair, and it also makes some sneakers who really like them wait hard. The crazy joint name created AJ4’s ranking on the list, which is good or bad.

NO.2——Air Jordan 11

Who is the most popular AJ series between AJ11 and AJ1 has always been the focus of discussion. As we all know, AJ11 is one of Jordan’s favorite shoes, and in a recent interview, Tinker, the designer of the AJ series, also said that AJ11 is the design he is most proud of. One’s capital and ability. The patent leather around the upper, the crystal outsole of the whole palm and the carbon plate extending to the forefoot make sneakers love the AJ11. The AJ11 “Big Devil” at the end of each year is a grand event for the entire sneaker circle. No matter how high the AJ11 ranks in the list, it will not surprise me.

NO.1——Air Jordan 1

“It came out after a long time”, the first place in the AJ list was finally born – AJ1, when talking about AJ1, there are always endless topics to talk about. Color matching, limited edition or theme, as long as it is about AJ1, the discussion never stops. This year’s massive release of AJ1 and the entry of many color schemes into the market have really made everyone dissatisfied with Jordan Brand’s means of collecting money, but no matter how many color schemes there are, it can’t reduce the popularity of AJ1’s classic color scheme. The last wave of heat has not disappeared, and a new wave of heat has risen again. This is the key to AJ1’s maintaining its position. Whether it is a classic color scheme like Ban and Chicago, or a rising star like OW, they will all become the most shining light in the AJ1 series.


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