Insider story! Will 1:1 replica shoes be seen? And where to buy the replica?

1. Pure original shoes are not easy to be seen. Pure original shoes represent the high technology of Replica shoes. Generally, pure original shoes can only be made if the similarity exceeds 95%. For the general population, pure original shoes are difficult to be seen. However, in the eyes of professionals, pure originals still cannot represent genuine products, otherwise if there is such technology, pure original shoes will be early.

2. Wechat merchants take photos of genuine shoes, and when they are shipped, it is easy to see that imitations are adopted.

3. Not necessarily, it depends on the degree of imitation you bought. If it is high, it must be unrecognizable. If it is not too high, it is difficult to say.

4. Generally, the imitation is good. It cannot be seen from the appearance. You must look at the shoe label to identify the true and false imitation. It can be seen from the appearance. For example, the color is different from the genuine product, the material is different, and the shoe shape is different. Differences, etc. For a pair of excellent imitation shoes, people who really understand shoes will not take a look at the appearance.

5. Re-engraving is also divided into top-level re-engraving and general re-engraving. The quality of your re-engraving is very good, and it is almost a fake. Even if it is, it is not easy to see the goods.

6. Few people who go to the streets can distinguish the real from the fake. Of course, it should not be too fake. It will be fine if you don’t look at the label and carefully look at it. Don’t worry.

7. The high imitation aj4 is not easy to be seen, because the high imitation shoes themselves are as real as the real ones in terms of material and workmanship, and they are also very good in detail processing. The high imitation Aj4 shoes currently on the market, There is no way to distinguish the true from the false just by the appearance, but also through the details of all aspects.

8. If it’s so easy to not see it, it can’t be called a high imitation. It can only be regarded as a fake.

9. As for the quality of the shoes, the quality is almost the same. There are even some specialty stores that sell some high imitation shoes, but you can’t see them. The experience of someone knocking through, but I don’t think it’s an embarrassing thing to do.

10. The quality of workmanship and genuine shoes are put together, and it is easier to distinguish the true and false super-A.  

11. It is in the material, the workmanship, the synchronization with the genuine counter and the genuine one. Kind of the shoe label can really support sweeping, and the imitation appearance of the shoe and the genuine product are almost invisible. The concept of one-to-one imitation shoes means that the shoes are not produced by the original manufacturer, but are researched by other manufacturers according to the style, color, material, and accessories of the original manufacturer. Shoes with exactly the same material are called 11 fine imitation shoes 1 each link.

12. The method of looking at the LOGO next to AJ shoes should be that every AJ fan knows the identification method because the real AJ letter R and the letter D will be connected together, but the fake AJ will be separated, because this method is universal I know, so many counterfeiters have noticed it. Therefore, when using this method to identify, you must pay attention and look again.

13. Of course this will be identified. The Ninety-five Associations are all experts in identification.

14. Replica is one of the means of making money for sporting goods companies. The shoes that have been produced before are re-produced, and some of them are matched with new colors to meet the requirements of sneaker. Different replica of different materials continue to use the materials of the previous products, which belong to the same quality. High imitation of a product refers to a counterfeit product that is imitated according to the original appearance of the imitation object.

15. For example, the color is different from the genuine product, the material is different, the shoe shape is different, etc. For a pair of excellent imitation shoes, people who really understand shoes will not judge the authenticity of the shoes by looking at the appearance, because only The shoe label can only be determined. If you say that other people’s shoes are fake, you will be laughed at.

16. One-to-one can only appear in imitation shoes. One-to-one is a little better. One-to-one means exactly the same meaning~~ Some manufacturers make fakes just to buy a real one, according to the real one. do exactly the same~~~.

17. The highest version of Super A Super A is a special 1 to 1. He is in the case of synchronization of materials with genuine counters, coloring, and the workmanship is also very good. The product generally has a correct rate of more than 95%. The difference lies in the shoe label. Many physical stores sell super A products as genuine products, and some styles can even reach 99%.

18. The so-called high imitation is naturally the imitation of the genuine product. Although the high version of Replica shoes looks no different from the genuine product, if you compare many details, you can still see the difference. As for the quality of the top original order and the one to one original order, This does not exist in Replica shoes. The version of Replica shoes is only at the corporate level of the currency real standard.


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