How to match Nike Air Max

Nike’s Air Max shoes are retro in appearance and personality. The overall shoe shape is too large. The best choice for matching clothes is sports pants and T-shirts, and then you can also match them with jeans, shorts, straight pants, casual pants, etc. , mainly depends on the style you want. If it is the easiest and most stable choice, sportswear is paired with Air Max; if you wear it casually, jeans are the best choice; while, in summer, it can be paired with shorts, and casual pants are the fashionable way to wear it.

How to match Nike Air Max

1. Short-sleeved T-shirt + sports pants + Air Max

This kind of outfit is the best match, and it will not look awkward or tacky at any time, because the positioning of Air Max itself is sports shoes, natural and sports pants are the best match, but this kind of wear It is not suitable for some heavy occasions, because the style is more athletic.

2. Crew neck shirt + jeans + Air Max

If you don’t want to look too sporty, then wear a pair of jeans and a round neck shirt, so that you can play the casual style of Air Max. When you go to work or go out, this kind of outfit can actually be worn. Comfortable and not a special exercise, it is also a combination that many people use.

3. Short sleeves + shorts + Air Max

If it is summer, it is the idea of ​​many people to dress simply and cool down, so at this time, you can choose the combination of short sleeves and shorts. If you want hip-hop fashion, choose looser shorts and short sleeves. If you want to look better, choose slim fit. It depends on your personal thoughts.

4. Straight pants + shirt + Air Max

Sometimes you can wear Air Max as ordinary sneakers. Although it is not a daddy shoe or a canvas shoe, it can look good when paired with straight-leg pants. It is recommended to roll up the trousers of the straight-leg pants. A shirt that looks great when worn, especially for those who like neutral preppy style.

When to wear Nike Air Max

It is recommended to wear it in spring and autumn, but it is also possible to wear it in winter, but it is not recommended to wear it in summer, because it may make people feel hot. However, the positioning of this shoe is a shoe that can be worn in all seasons, and it is mainly based on sports style. It is also suitable for casual wear. It is not recommended for official business or meetings.


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