How much is the difference between the top reps version of Balenciaga Triple-S and the original?

The Balenciaga Triple-S shoe has ignited the hearts of many friends in retro fashion after its launch, but the high price and the scarce supply of goods are always prohibitive. The current price of a treasure of Balenciaga Triple-S is mostly confusing, 100 to 100 10,000 is not only a dazzling version of the high imitation version, but also the price difference of more than 5,000 promised genuine products is astonishing.

The above sentence is written only to make many friends choose to be cautious and not blindly enter the pit. I wrote this article today because many friends always privately messaged me to ask me what is the difference between the current highest version of this shoe and the genuine product? Is it worth starting? So today we won’t talk about how likely the version above 5000+ will pay for psychological comfort.

Let me tell you about the quality first. Friends who have known it know that the official sale price of the authentic Balenciaga Triple-S is 5000+, so many people may say that the high imitation only sells for a few hundred pieces of quality, and the material will definitely be much worse than the authentic one. Then think about the price of 5000+ minus the brand fee and designer fee. The total cost will never exceed 500 yuan. In fact, the top imitation shoes have stricter requirements on shoes, because the top quality shoes themselves are not based on quantity. To win, for the price higher than the low imitation, the top quality shoes also seize the quality to attract repeat customers, and then think about the domestic Anta and Li Ning, not only a few hundred but also can be worn for several years. Xiaobian micro, at the end of the article.

At present, the top version of Balenciaga Triple-S on the market restores the correct font thickness, position and size of the company’s re-engraving to the greatest extent, restores the authentic side TPU side button air holes, the outsole TPU plating brightness, the sole LOGO depth, and selects genuine shoe upper leather and The mesh is stitched together to ensure the correct insole. The current top version of the Balenciaga Triple-S cannot be compared with the genuine product unless it is a professional appraiser who has been doing appraisals for a long time. The top version is not bragging and can be compared at will A certain treasure is about 5,000 yuan, because many of them are supplied by local factories, but many people are still using more expensive money to buy psychological comfort.

Let’s take a look at the real photos of the top version of Balenciaga Triple-S on the market:


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