How does Yeezy feet feel without BOOST? YEEZY 500 three-color out-of-box comparison

When it was first launched in 2018, Yeezy 500 captured the hearts of many shoe fans with its unique and bold appearance and good foot effect, and then the new color matching launched is undoubtedly popular! YEEZY500 has been popular since its release. It is also the darling of players in the secondary market, which also makes it a key product of FAKE. Therefore, you must keep your eyes open when purchasing. Today, I will share with you the evaluation of yeezy500. Let everyone understand it in depth and beware of being deceived!

1. Appearance

The shoe box this time is not much different from the previous yeezy shoe box. There is a word “500” on the shoe box, no extra decoration, simple and elegant, the only difference is that this yeezy 500 does not use boost, so the shoes The word “boost” is missing from the box.

The yeezy 500 has always been a very popular shoe in the yeezy series. Its shoe type is the old shoe type, which is very in line with today’s popular retro trend. This time, the editor introduces three original colors, namely butter/grey/dark black.

The whole shoe is made of suede and leather, and the suede and mesh material present a rich layered upper, and at the same time, different color levels form a sense of detail. The more distinctive part is the tongue part, which does not continue the consistent leather + mesh design, but is made of pure leather, making the shoe more textured and eye-catching.

The sole is the same color as the shoe body, and the bottom surface is a spiral pattern, which can greatly enhance the friction force of the sole, and the anti-skid performance is very good. The insole is also relatively low-key like the body of the shoe. The front is made of silver fabric, with a white offset logo on the top and a color block on the back. From the side, we can see that the insole is still very thick, with good softness and elasticity.

2. the details of workmanship

The biggest difference between this yeezy 500 and the previous yeezy is that it does not use boost soles, but even without boost, its foot feel is as good as ever. From the video, we can clearly see that the insole is very soft. You can see obvious deformation when you press it, and the rebound is very fast, so there is no doubt about the foot feeling!

The upper is stitched with a variety of materials. From the upper, we can clearly see that the tailoring of different materials is quite professional, and the cutting is very neat. We can also clearly see the material from the cutting position. The appearance of the mouth also made his retro taste even stronger.

There is a bandage next to the inner tongue, which can protect our feet well and improve the foot feel.

3. Highlight function

At this moment, the biggest highlight of yeezy 500 is its unique reflective design. Unlike other yeezys, this time the reflective is not used in a large area, but is only used in the tongue part, and has different presentation methods. The tongue is like a gypsophila, and the tongue is striped to outline the lines. The reflective effects of the three different color schemes are not quite the same, and you can choose freely according to your own preferences.

If you want to contrast, the reflective effect of black is the most prominent, because the contrast is the most obvious, you can choose black for the pursuit of reflective effect.

The butter color reflective effect has a slight yellow tinge, and the retro color is the best. The gray and white color scheme is close to the reflective color, so the reflective effect of the gray and white color tone is not so obvious, but the gray and white color matching is the most versatile.

4. Technology

Yeezy 500 and Yeezy 700 are not equipped with BOOST technology. Instead, it is replaced by a new technology of adiPrene+. This technology will not have the foam particle feeling like BOOST, and it is more suitable for old shoes!

How does yeezy 500 feel? Since the Yeezy 500 is equipped with adiprene+ technology, let’s talk about the foot feel of adiprene+.

Adiprene+ is also an elastic glue. The difference between it and zoom air is that it is harder than zoom air and has the same elasticity as zoom air, but there is no delay. It was difficult to get used to when wearing it for the first time. The jumping point and emergency stop point were always a little earlier than I expected. Until the second time I played, after I got used to the characteristics of the shoes, I felt like a duck in water. to whatever you want.

Especially when changing direction, when I can break through, I can see out of the corner of my eye that the player defending me is locked there, and then catches up to make up the defense. But adiprene+ is not without its shortcomings. I feel that this pair of shoes is not as good as zoom air in terms of shock absorption (it is not clear whether it is because of adiprene+ or formotion). The second contusion of the tail keel. There is also mild pain in the knees and ankles.

Overall, in terms of foot feel, the experience of zoomair is definitely better than adiprene+, but if it is a breakthrough player, I recommend adiprene+ more.

What technology is adiprene+?

The rubber, which is re-molded after secondary decomposition of the rubber through high-temperature foaming technology, has excellent cushioning performance and elasticity. While absorbing the impact force, it can convert it into elastic force release faster, and quickly restore its own shape that is deformed under pressure, which can give the user the most stable and timely feedback on the field. Therefore, it is usually placed in the midsole of the forefoot of sports shoes to help the user to perform better in the starting speed and strength of the feet in various sports. In addition to being used in the middle and low parts of sneakers, there are also many styles of adidas sneakers that place adidas PRENE+ on the back of the sneakers, such as the classic T-mac4

5. Summarize

The yeezy 500 of the old shoe type is simply the best choice in the era of the current retro trend, and there are three along the way to choose at will, each color is a versatile artifact, whether you are a retro person or not, you can control it . Whether it is from shoe shape or color matching, to performance and foot feel, it is excellent, which is why it has become a popular model. Friends who want to start must be cautious, and it is the truth to choose reliable channels!


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