How do you evaluate yeezy 350? Why are so many people wearing them? Is it worth buying?

When yeezy 350 came out at that time, there were indeed many people who could not accept its aesthetic style. They felt that yeezy 350 was too ugly to make, and doubted the designer’s level of aesthetics. However, under the madness of many people, including many celebrities, this pair of ”extremely ugly” shoes has made many people’s eyes ‘impressed’ by virtue of its super high exposure rate. , even deeply attracted by it, I also want to own a pair of yeezy 350s. People who like it think it is worth it, because it has a card face when wearing it.

Since the Yeezy 350 was released in September 2016, there are at least more than 40 styles of color matching that have been released. Each color matching is basically popular and sold out in seconds. Although the price of yeezy 350 is relatively scary by everyone, but there is no way to stop its ”spread”, it can basically be seen in the streets and alleys, except for its own unique shape, Yeezy 350 , the most important thing is the special soft bounce brought by the boost midsole that has been created, especially for those who pursue a strong “feeling on shit”, the foot feel of the Yeezy shoes yeezy 350 will definitely surprise you.

In addition to the special soft and elastic feeling brought by boost, these shoes are very comfortable, which is very suitable for everyone’s wearing style. The most important point is the satisfaction brought by the value of the brand.

In fact, the recognition of yeezy 350 is quite high, especially which part of the huge heel. It is said that Kanye’s inspiration for designing yeezy 350 at that time came from his wife Kardashian’s iconic buttocks? In the end, he succeeded, and he was very successful from design, to production, to the final result.

So no matter whether you own a pair of yeezy 350 now, as a shoe lover, this pair of shoes is still worth trying, and can have a very good foot feel, and it is also a good choice to match with clothes. Then finally, I will introduce to you a few styles of Yeezy shoes that I relatively like.

Finally, Yeezy 350 has developed various versions of the replica, and now the replica yeezy 350 has been lower than the original price. Isn’t this price good? In short, the benevolent sees the benevolent, and the wise sees the wisdom. You are welcome to pay attention to comments.


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