For 86kg’s runner, what are Nike’s top running shoes for you?

Some runners asked: I am 182cm tall and weigh 172 pounds. I want to ask Nike what top running shoes are suitable for beginners. I don’t need to consider the price, I want the best.

If the top running shoes this runner is talking about are racing shoes like Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%. So, let me first say that running shoes are not the more expensive the better, the best running shoes are the ones that suit you.

For novice runners, it is easy to fall into “the higher the price of running shoes is the best running shoes“, in fact, the most expensive running shoes may not be suitable for you, buy the wrong, not only a waste of money, but also make you run more prone to injury.

As a novice runner, it is best not to choose racing shoes. Racing shoes are designed for high-level runners, mainly for the pursuit of speed and improving performance. In order to reduce weight, racing shoes have given up a lot of protective materials. The protection of runners is very limited. In addition, some training shoes with weak protection are not recommended for novice runners.

Jogging shoes are the best choice for novice runners, because the first thing runners need is protection when they first start running, and when jogging shoes are designed, they will pay attention to the protection of running shoes, so as to make them suitable for ordinary running hobby. reduce sports injuries.

If the top running shoes mentioned by runners refer to the heavy-weight running shoes suitable for runners over 80kg in jogging shoes. So, congratulations runner, you made the right choice.

Jogging shoes are usually divided into three levels, divided into entry-level, sub-top and top. We usually recommend heavy runners over 80kg to choose top running shoes. Runners weighing 86kg are obviously heavy runners. It is very correct to choose Nike‘s top jogging shoes.

Nike’s top jogging shoes are only the Nike Air Zoom Vomero series, other Pegasus series and Nike React Miler series are sub-top running shoes.

Below, from the top to the entry-level, I will introduce several Nike jogging shoes for your reference.

  1. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16 (Top)

Suitable for foot type: normal foot/high arch/varus

Suitable for the crowd: heavy runners over 80kg, medium and long distance running

Features: The Air Zoom Vomero series is Nike’s top cushioning running shoes. Because the popularity of the Pegasus series is too high, it completely blocks the light of the Vomero series, so it is not famous. The midsole is made of ZoomX foam, which is light and soft, and has excellent performance feedback. At the same time, the forefoot is also equipped with a Zoom Air air cushion cushioning configuration, which can provide runners with excellent cushioning and rebound performance. The high wear area of the outsole is equipped with durable rubber, which effectively improves the wear resistance and grip of the outsole.

2. Nike Pegasus 38 (sub-top)

Suitable for foot type: normal foot/high arch/varus

Suitable for the crowd: small and medium weight runners under 80kg, medium and long distance running

Features: The Pegasus series is Nike’s best-selling running shoes. Not only does it look good, but the materials used in the running shoes are also very thoughtful. The Pegasus 38 midsole uses Zoom Air air cushion and Nike React foam midsole technology, which has excellent cushioning and protection performance. Compared with the Pegasus 37, the Pegasus 38 has only been fine-tuned on the tongue.

3. Nike React Miler 2 (Second Top)

Suitable for foot type: normal foot/high arch/varus

Suitable for the crowd: small and medium weight runners under 80kg, medium and long distance running

Features: The React Miler series is also Nike‘s sub-top cushioning running shoes. The midsole is also a full-length React cushioning foam material, which has outstanding cushioning performance. The forefoot is widened to make the toes more loose and less crowded. The outsole is a wear-resistant rubber outsole. The high-wear area of the sole is specially equipped with a durable rubber material, which can prolong the service life of the running shoes.

4. Nike Quest 4 (Entry Level)

Suitable for foot type: normal foot/high arch/varus

Suitable for the crowd: small-weight runners under 60kg, short-distance running of about 5 kilometers

Features: The Quest series is Nike’s relatively good entry-level cushioning running shoes. It has a running distance of about 5 kilometers, and has a good performance in cushioning and rebounding. The Quest 4 midsole is made of full-length Phylon foam material, and the Flywire fly line upper material provides a good fit and wrapping. The sole is a waffle rubber outsole, which has good wear resistance and grip.


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