Equipped with super signature shoes, AJ Zoom Separate PF out of the box evaluation

As a popular hot chicken in NBA co-branding, Doncic is worthy of being the leader of the future league and the top card of Air Jordan in the future. At the moment when Fat Tiger hasn’t played many games in three seasons, the upcoming Luka generation has been revealed recently, and I also bought the pair of team shoes that 077 wore on the field, and the moment I got it, I was immediately stunned: is this still the Nike in everyone’s eyes (Air Jordan belongs to Nike).

According to the current exposure, the first-generation signature shoes of 077 will be released in June this year. Players with the core of the ball have been used to compare the rookie season data with James from the first season in the league, and 077 is the king of Europe. It also broke the curse and played well in the NBA, although The team’s record is not good, but the strength is unquestionable.

In his three-year NBA career, he was the best rookie in the first year, the best rookie first team, and the NBA All-Star Western Conference in the following year.

He was also selected to the All-Star Game this season but did not start. In the second year of his rookie season (19-20 season), he led the team to the playoffs, and last year also reached the playoffs. Although they are all one-round tours, their strength cannot be underestimated. In the first three seasons, he averaged 25.7 points, 8.4 rebounds, 7.7 assists, 1 steal, 45.7% shooting and 33.1% three-point shooting. The data is enough to prove his strength.

Nike’s real first foreign signed boots so far are the signature shoes of “Brother Antetokounmpo”, and the Luka generation is likely to be the second real signature shoes of Nike‘s foreign players, and it will also be the signature of Air Jordan’s first foreign player. shoe. And looking back at the sneakers on 077 in the past, it is not difficult for you to find that the sneakers on 077 have never been low in configuration.

Whether it is the personal PE color matching of AJ35, or the previous team shoes JUMPMAN Diamond, React Elebation, etc., at least it is a Zoom configuration, and they are mainly low-top and medium-top. Today, the pair of Separte in our hands is more luxurious in configuration.

The forefoot is equipped with a Zoom air cushion. The feeling of trying on the upper foot is very obvious. The shape and the pattern of the outsole are not large, very obvious, a bit similar to a long Zoom, very surging, and the protrusion of the air cushion can be clearly seen by observing the outsole from this angle. So this is an air cushion placed near the outsole. At this moment, I thought of the hyperrev2016 of the front and rear air cushions, which also placed the air cushion near the outsole to improve the foot feel.

And the reason why I am willing to say “more luxurious” on such team shoes is the special-shaped TPU external torsion sheet that is very rare in recent years. Although this is very similar to the texture of the carbon plate, this is a TPU.

In addition, the heel of this shoe is also a typical bottom width and narrow, and a whole piece of wrap-around harbor treasure is placed on the heel, which is very firm. The heels of the two pairs of shoes are marked with two different English sentences, one is designed for speed (engineered for speed), and the other is inspired by greatness.

Finally, let’s talk about the upper, weaving mesh, engineering mesh, splicing soft foam padding and combining multiple thermal pastes to form the entire upper. The two sets of laces in the forefoot are combined with dynamic lace loops to adjust the wrap and increase the upper support.

The shoelace holes in the middle of the shoe also have two rows of shoelace holes in order to adapt to different insteps or to lift the middle lock. For the convenience of tightening, the ankle also adds a shoelace hole on the running shoes to prevent the heel from falling off.

The inner heel is an unprecedented use of very thick padding. Thinking about the padding on the heel of Owen’s 8 card, the signature is not as good as the team’s stone hammer. However, the whole pair of shoes is not a full-length inner boot, but a half-length inner boot, but the wrapping experience of trying on is surprisingly good.

Here, the upper material of the lower forefoot is very thin and not high in strength, and the sneakers do not have a kick-proof design for the toe cap, so if the foot is stepped on, it must be GG.

The weight of 42.5 yards and 372g is a pair of 500-speed team shoes that take into account wear resistance, safety, light weight and configuration. I’m already very much looking forward to its actual combat performance.


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