Do you think that there are only Aj, Yeezy for trendy shoes? These replica shoes are beautiful and inexpensive!

When many friends talk about brand shoes, they only know that there is only Aj, Yeezy. Next, the editor will recommend several good-looking and affordable shoes.

The first thing to recommend is a pair of Onitsuka Tiger, which is also a pair of shoes planted by friends. Last summer, my friend wore a pair of sneakers without shoelaces. I thought they looked good, but I never bought them.

The weather is a bit hot this month, and Nike running shoes still cover my feet, so I bought a pair of Onitsuka Tigers from my friend Amway, which are the most basic ones. I fell in love with this shoe as soon as I got it. The lightweight leather on the upper feels very comfortable and feels very good. The red and blue patterns on both sides of Onitsuka Tiger look particularly good in the mirror and are very recognizable. When I put my feet on again, the sole is very soft. The only disadvantage is that the sole is very thin, but it is also the advantage of this shoe, which makes this shoe feel lighter.

When it comes to what is the hottest shoe this year, it is Converse’s 1970s classic series. There are so many color options for Converse, from the most classic black to the popular yellow navy blue and army green, no wonder so many people love Converse.

But I personally feel that wearing Converse-type shoes is not particularly good-looking, maybe because they don’t match. When I saw those little sisters and brothers wearing Converse, they looked very good-looking and imposing, but when I saw myself in the mirror, I felt that they were wearing ordinary clothes. Sure enough, shoes or something still depends on how they look and how good they look. So this Converse has been put in my dormitory to eat ashes.

The third trendy shoe to recommend is Vans. To be honest, the Vans version is really good-looking. Whether it is a low-cut or a high-cut, the appearance is very good, and there are many color options. There will always be one you like, and I will collect it myself. Several pairs.

The advantage of Vans is that both boys and girls can control it. Vans has a lot of shoes that are very good-looking. The black and white classic is strongly recommended. The one below is with letters, and I personally like this one very much.

Of course, when it comes to Vans, his feature is indispensable – the Vans checkerboard, this shoe is also easy to control for both boys and girls, and it is very versatile. Personally recommend Vans one pedal, I usually wear this when I’m lazy!

There are many good-looking trendy shoes, such as puma’s white shoes, Adidas’ shell heads and so on. Xiao Bian recently also wanted to buy a pair of dad shoes, because there have been no dad shoes, and if I want to experience it, Nike‘s m2k is a good choice.

Which shoes do you think are good-looking and worth recommending, please leave your comments!


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