Comparison and recommendation of the world’s top 5 high-end down jacket brands in 2022

We are all afraid of the cold season, there is an old adage in Iceland: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.” If you live in a cold and cold place in winter, choosing a warm and comfortable down jacket is the most important thing in winter. While it may seem like a waste to spend so much on a down jacket, the money will definitely go where it goes, as well as the quality considering you are world class in design, build quality, durability and insulation Down feathers or something. High-end brands create a high-end lifestyle fashion statement for you, allowing you to face winter not only with style and style, but also with warmth. Canada Goose, The North Face, Archaeopteryx, Moncler, and Little Scissors are the top 5 international high-end down jacket brands, so which brand is better? Today Maxluxes bring you a comparison guide of them in terms of style, price, quality and more. Although winter is coming to an end, it will be more cost-effective to buy down jackets in the off-season. Prepare your “battle clothes” in advance for next year’s cold winter!~

1. Canada Goose

brand history

Canada Goose is a well-known down jacket brand from Canada. Founded in 1957, its product line covers men’s, women’s, children’s clothing, gloves, scarves and accessories. Its down clothing has excellent thermal performance and excellent workmanship and tailoring, and it is also the thermal equipment of many Antarctic scientific expedition teams. Founded 60 years ago in a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada Goose has grown into a world-renowned manufacturer of luxury apparel.

In the 80s, people wore Canada Goose down jackets in the coldest places on earth. Its expedition parka became standard at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, where scientists nicknamed it “Big Red.” In 1982, Laurie Skreslet, the first Canadian to summit Mount Everest, wore it to climb Mount Everest.

Canada Goose claims to be committed to producing the best winter weather outerwear in the world. Canada Goose combines luxury with uncompromising craftsmanship. Each piece is made in Canada with proprietary fabrics designed to ensure outstanding performance and protection in any conditions you may face. Each product is designed with a purpose and in accordance with the stringent requirements of the Canadian Arctic.


Parkas: $795-$2,195; bomber jackets $750-$1,195; lightweight down jackets; $550-$995; lightweight jackets: $450-$850; waterproof jackets: $550-$1,195.


Canada Goose specializes in the production of polar winter clothing and apparel, including jackets, vests, hats, gloves and a range of clothing for extreme cold environments. The CANADA GOOSE jacket is unrivaled in design, with pockets to store gear, scripts and other essentials, and warmth, designed to withstand the cold of long production days, allowing workers to focus on the job at hand rather than the demanding environment around them.

Different from the luxurious temperament of Moncler, the Canada Goose brand focuses on serving the “elite class”. Simpler design, richer product lines, from shoes and hats, to pockets, to T-shirts, wherever the logo goes, it represents quality and professionalism, saving customers the time of selection and comparison.

Quality (material, warmth, durability)

Canada Goose is the hottest down jacket in recent years, known as the “cold protection artifact”, also known as the warmest down jacket in the world, which can keep out the cold climate of minus 30 degrees. The fashion and simplicity of Canada Goose‘s clothing designs have attracted the attention of quite a few celebrities. Canada Goose also offers a lifetime warranty on its products, if your jacket is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, Canada Goose will repair it or send you a replacement.

Whether it’s construction, quality or insulation, it’s hard to spot a flaw in a Canada Goose down jacket. Its products go through 13 processes and every little button and stitch is inspected to ensure everything meets the brand’s own standards of quality and performance. Adhere to Made in Canada When many companies outsource their processing overseas, but Canada Goose still insists on local, from materials, design, cutting to processing are all in Canada, and it is said that it is handmade, so labor is expensive.

As a Canadian national treasure down jacket, the highest quality white duck down and coyote fur are used. Note that it is duck down. Although they claim to be Goose, the filler they use is actually duck down, but the Fill Power of their products can reach 625. The usual market down jacket standard is between 600 and 900. Of course, the higher the better. The brand’s most commonly used fabrics are polyester and nylon as part of the shell and lining of jackets and other garments.

Coyote fur is also adopted, a very common small wolf that lives in North America in large numbers. The use of the hairs of these two animals is also one of their unique features. Using the hairs of these two animals can not only keep warm, but also make the down jacket light enough in weight. Combined with the special coating on the fabric, waterproof and windproof are not to mention, even in the harsh low temperature environment of minus 30 degrees (-30 ℃), it still plays an effective role.

TEI is often mentioned when it comes to Canada Goose down jackets. This stands for Thermal Experience Index, which basically tells you how warm a particular Canada Goose jacket is. TEI grades range from 1 to 5, the following definitions can help you determine the TEI grade you are looking for:

TEI 1 – for sports adventures, suitable for 5°C / -5°C temps

TEI 2 – Versatile jacket; suitable for 0°C / -15°C temperatures

TEI 3 ​​– everyday use; heat at -10°C / -20°C

TEI 4 – suitable for everyday use; suitable for -15°C / -25°C temperatures

TEI 5 – Extreme cold; temperature below -30°C

2. The North Face

brand history

The North Face is an American outdoor leisure products company. The North Face brand was founded in 1966, when it was just a mom-and-pop shop with two or three stores.

In 2000, it was acquired by the American VF “VF Apparel”. Providing professional gear for every grueling adventure in the outdoors, The North Face produces outdoor apparel, footwear and related equipment with a logo inspired by the Half Dome of Yosemite National Park.

Their clothing, especially their jackets, are of high quality. In addition to outerwear and apparel, the company also produces a line of high-quality tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and outdoor gear. This garment is the first choice of the world’s most accomplished climbers, mountaineers, extreme skiers, snowboarders, endurance runners and explorers.

Price: Insulation and Down Jackets: $129-$450; Ski and Snowboard Jackets: $178-$750; Parka: $139-$650; Raincoat: $89-$199; Trench Coat: $99-$199; Vest: $99-$189; -$149


The North Face makes apparel for running, hiking, rock climbing, training, and of course, cold weather. The North Face is also following fashion trends. The North Face clothing has a very sporty yet clean look. Available in a variety of colors and styles, depending on your preference. You can get coordinated gear for many sports and really stand out. Over the past few years, The North Face has been known for offering more subtle colors, but they’ve gotten pretty bold over time.

Their product line includes:

The North Face American Main Line

The North Face FutureLight “Future Light”: Summit Series “peak, top professional outdoor equipment”, Steep Series “steep, top ski equipment”, Flight Series “flying, top off-road equipment”

The North Face Purple Label “Purple Label, Japan Limited, High-end”

The North Face White Label “White label, only in Korea, mid-range to high-end”

The North Face White Label “White label, only in Korea, mid-range to high-end”

The North Face Red Label “Red Label, Italian Limited, High-end”

The North Face “China Size Products”

The north face of The North Face has not shy about moving closer to the younger generation in recent years, such as the high-end Japanese exclusive branch line THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL jointly created by nanamica and THE NORTH FACE, which are talked about by the hipsters.

Quality (material, warmth, durability)

Like Arc’teryx, The North Face has partnered with GoreTex to create some more protective products using world-renowned films. They also produce a number of proprietary materials themselves, including Heatseeker insulation, a compressible synthetic down alternative that provides an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, and DryVent™, a more affordable alternative to GoreTex.

Designed with a multi-layer construction, DryVent fabric is also completely waterproof, allowing water vapor (swearing) to pass from the inside out.

FlashDry, another fabric developed by the brand, is breathable and quick-drying for unpredictable weather and mild temperatures.

WindWall resists strong winds and is a fabric developed primarily for cyclists and cyclists.

VaporWick quick-drying fabric, the clothing of this fabric is very comfortable, and we do not feel the discomfort caused by sweat during exercise. It can make the sweat on the body drain to the surface of the clothing faster, and use a special weaving method to remove excess skin surface. The sweat is exported to the outer layer of the fabric.

Using only the highest quality goose down, The North Face® tests each batch in three stages of production for loft, moisture resistance and ability to regain loft after compression. The fill power of goose down is an indicator of two important characteristics: warmth-to-weight ratio and compressibility, North Face® products are insulated with a unique high fill power goose down, ranging from 550 to 900 fill power, representing the highest quality on the market. Down. Additionally, as a brand that takes environmental issues seriously, The North Face strives to use recycled materials in its products. Most of the polyester used is obtained through recycling, and its other natural and raw materials are sustainably and ethically sourced to the required standards.

All branded products (except footwear and The North Face Renewed line of products) carry a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship over the life of the product. Footwear and products in The North Face Renewed Collection are covered by a one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the first year after purchase.

3. Arc’teryx

brand history

Archaeopteryx is a well-known Canadian outdoor clothing brand, nickname: ARCTERYX, founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1989. They are committed to providing high-quality outdoor apparel and sporting goods for years to come.

The company was originally named Rock Solid and sold a variety of different rock climbing products. The company changed its name in 1990, and Arc’teryx was named after the 140-million-year-old creature Archaeopteryx. The logo is a fossil of the creature. It took an evolutionary leap to escape the horizontal world of dinosaurs and developed feathers for flight. They strive to produce products that are both evolutionary and innovative.

Arc’teryx is built on the principles of persistent, precise design and production. The company employs a technique called thermal lamination, which is a unique way of using thermal lamination. Today, they are an industry leader in producing high-quality gear for hiking, skiing, backpacking, snowboarding and mountaineering.

Price: Shell jackets $139 – $2570; Insulated jackets: $175 – $999


Archaeopteryx focuses on outdoor, and friends who like outdoor have aura buf. Regardless of shape or design concept, outdoor elements are more pure. Among the five brands, they belong to brands with relatively specific target customer groups.

Arc’teryx’s designs tend to be simplistic, minimalist, stylish, streamlined and human-centric, focusing entirely on the functionality of the product rather than the look and price. Simple solutions to complex challenges; this is the essence of minimalism and their design philosophy. Reduced weather effects, simplified use and efficient movement create a timeless outdoor experience. Arc’teryx offers some different styles of jackets: including shell jackets, insulated jackets, mid-layer and fleece jackets, and base layers.

Archaeopteryx’s “shells” are divided into three series, namely “Hard Shell – Hard Shell”, “Soft Shell – Soft Shell” and “Wind Shell – Wind Shell”. Regarding the concept of “shell”, it is similar to a kind of “armor” that can protect the user in outdoor and extreme environments, and plays the role of shelter from wind and rain, and even life-saving in times of crisis.

The hard shell is the “jacket” that everyone is familiar with. Generally, the hard shell is worn on the outermost layer, which can play a role in weatherproofing. The fabric needs to achieve the highest level of windproof, waterproof, breathable and wear-resistant characteristics. Bird’s hard shell jackets are mainly divided into three series, from high to low professionalism is Alpha, Beta, Zeta.

Soft shell, which adds a waterproof coating to the thermal fabric, is a kind of equipment between a fleece jacket and a jacket. The products of the wind shell series are “summer light jackets”, which are extremely light, thin and breathable. Representative soft shells: all-round soft shell Gamma series, professional outdoor Sigma series, windproof and breathable Trino series, daily wear Solano series.

Softshell, almost every piece can be described as works of art, and the clothing has perfect functions and excellent details, giving outdoor users a full experience and perfect protection. Arc’teryx uses many different materials in the manufacturing process. The “Made by Arc’teryx” label on all products indicates that it is of the highest quality and deserves a lifetime warranty.

One of the materials that Arc’teryx uses is Gore-Tex, which has really helped the brand expand its product range and increase its visibility. It’s a good quality fabric, filled with 750 fill grey goose down, wind and water repellent, no problem skiing. In terms of technology, Arc’teryx developed their own technology, the AC2 technology, mainly for their backpacks.

The raw materials used by Arc’teryx are not only of the highest quality, they are also Bluesign® Certified, a standard that is made only from fabrics and materials that are free of chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment. The company uses very thin waterproof tape on the seams. It’s one way they keep the jacket light without destroying its weatherproofing capabilities.

Arc’teryx is proud of the quality and performance of all products, and items covered by the limited warranty will be replaced or repaired at Arc’teryx’s sole discretion based on actual product life.

4. Moncler

brand history

The story of Moncler began during World War II. The brand has a legendary history. Moncler has become a leading international brand in the outdoor down jacket industry. Moncler was founded in 1952 in Monestier-de-Clermont, Grenoble, France. It is an Italian lifestyle and clothing company known for its sportswear and down jackets. Originally, Moncler started out as an outdoor company, making tents and sleeping bags, not clothes.

Moncler created the first quilted jacket to protect workers from harsh weather conditions. On a hill near Grenoble called Monestier-de-Clermont, workers wear these jackets over their overalls, which is where the company’s name comes from. Over the years, the brand has combined its signature style with expert-led outdoor research to produce a range of outerwear and pieces that seamlessly combine the extreme demands of nature with those of urban living.

Price: Down Jackets: $750-$6,150; Short Down Jackets: $930-$5,000; Long Down Jackets: $1,370-$6,150; Light Down Jackets: $850-$2,040; Jackets: $795-$5,000; ;Vest $350 – $3,265


As a designer brand, Moncler clearly offers more fashionable jackets, featuring “stylish, soft, warm” fills with goose down, at the highest prices. They are usually slimmer, sharper, and more stylized, especially for women. They fit better and can help you feel better when wearing the jacket.

Warmth is the underlying logic of making down jackets, and the Moncler brand has begun to move towards works of art. In terms of design, “Emperor Yu” already has a feeling of “dugu seeking defeat”, and his biggest enemy is himself. In order to break through himself, Moncler, like many luxury goods, embarked on the road of cross-border co-branding. They’ve been pushing the boundaries, blending designer fashion with high-quality thermal technology. Moncler has recently released a range of patterns and finishes to set you apart and keep up with the current trend for bold statement pieces. They are more creative and aesthetic.

Beginning in 2018, Mengkou launched the Genius plan, inviting a number of senior designers in the fashion industry to cooperate and bring down jackets to the fashion week and display them as works of art. From high-end fashion design, to mixed design, artistic design, and then to the high street design that young people like, the styles of Mongolian down jackets can be described as imaginative, with large fur collars, waist belts, retractable cuffs, hoods, sequins, and embroidery. There are no elements that you dare not use, and it can always lead the fashion trend.

Quality (material, warmth, durability)

The technical quality of the down is the result of thorough Moncler craftsmanship, ensuring that only high-quality goose down is used for garments. All materials are also subjected to rigorous testing to determine their mechanical and physical properties and chemical composition; all of which are important to ensure optimal technical performance. They use Japanese nylon as the main fabric, which provides mild weather protection properties and is also a highly durable fabric.

Moncler down jackets are made with a down ratio of 90/10, the best on the market, filled with lightweight and insulating high-quality down. This means that the wind cannot pass through the jacket. The Moncler down jacket has one distinguishing feature – a light and comfortable weight that retains unexpected warmth. Each jacket is weighted for comfort and perfectly balanced with your body, keeping your body temperature inside. The Moncler jacket is made of Japanese nylon, which is very fine, so there is very little chance of the feathers coming loose.

Although Moncler is an Italian brand originating in France, it does not manufacture products in these two countries, except for a small and limited collection made in Italy. Moncler manufactures their jackets in Europe, namely in Armenia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Hungary, Georgia and Romania. Moncler has no lifetime warranty. There is no doubt that these jackets are extremely warm, but long-term durability is a factor in any designer’s investment. In contrast, Moncler jackets should be worn in more moderate places, not in extreme conditions.

5. Moose Knuckles

brand history

“Scissor Brand” Moose Knuckles is a Canadian high-end down brand. The founder family of Moose Knuckles has been producing duck down jackets since 1921 and established the brand in Toronto, Canada in 2007. The company was founded to create the world’s leanest, toughest, most luxurious sportswear brand. Iconic pieces from its inception were parkas and men’s bomber jackets. In addition to down jackets for extreme cold weather, the brand also offers knitwear, shirts, shoes and accessories.

Although everyone regards Moose Knuckles’ Logo pattern as “scissors”, this pattern is actually derived from two famous Canadian cultural symbols, namely the footprints of elk and the “brass knuckles” used by ice hockey players. Mainly high-end outdoor Fashion, down jackets and parkas are the core products. Because of its super warmth and fashionable appearance, it has gained a large number of young fans. It is said that it started to gain a certain popularity in China because of the popularity of Canadian students.

Price: Lightweight down jackets: $330-$465; Coats and jackets: $425-$1,295; Bombers: $465-$1,250; Coats: $465-$1,325


MOOSE KNUCKLES focuses on personalized sports and leisure. It is a high-quality brand mainly for young people. It is committed to producing high-quality sports down clothing, not only to create “stylish quality”, but also to “serve only a few people”. The two founders People want to bring Canadian fashion to the world.

Moose Knuckles emphasizes that the brand genes are “fun” (fun) and “sexy” (sexy), the clothing tailoring highlights the body curve, and adds some interesting elements to the product design, the iconic fur and small fur balls on the hat are the same Having its own high standards, using farmed blue fox or blue frost fox fur, also makes it possible for the brand to appeal to younger consumers.

Not only the craftsmanship is excellent, but the appearance of Moose Knuckles is also very good. In addition to the Core series and Mid-Core series, which have become widely accepted classics, their new series often incorporate current popular elements, and every new product launch is madly robbed.

Quality (material, warmth, durability)

“Little Scissors” continues the manufacturing and traditional craftsmanship of the classic old Winnipeg factory. It takes an average of 35 skilled craftsmen and more than 70 different processes to make a classic parka, and many of the processes are done by hand. Every detail reveals professionalism. Infuse Canadian know-how, perseverance and heritage into every fiber, stitch and zipper. Stick to impeccable tailoring, ethical materials and quality hardware.

MOOSE uses high-quality materials that can stand up to scrutiny. For example, the core series of down jackets and parkas, the outer layer is made of cotton and nylon blended materials, which are strong and wear-resistant and stain-resistant. Whether it’s sub-zero extreme cold weather or outdoor sports, you can wear it with peace of mind.

Even the hardware accessories are unique. The zippers of Moose Knuckles come from the originator of the zipper manufacturer YKK Group. Their zippers are known as the toughest and most durable in the world. Almost all the world’s top brands use YKK zippers.

Now available in a full line of weatherproof outerwear, lightweight jackets, knitwear, shirts and accessories, impeccable tailoring, luxurious materials, hardware and attention to detail, and a wild approach to design have earned the world’s best Acclaimed by luxury retailers.


Canada Goose: Canada Goose is simple and functional with a clean look. Not too much about style. Instead, they focus more on functionality. If I’m heating in -20 degrees Celsius, the Canada Goose jacket is the warmer option. Some of their jackets are still stylish, but really fall short compared to Moncler’s styles.

The North Face: The casual style of the north face is more suitable for daily commuting. The north side has been done from low-end to high-end, and it is more inclined to urban outdoor. The hot-selling down jackets in the north are now street style, suitable for young people and very trendy.

Archaeopteryx: Archaeopteryx mainly focuses on the outdoors. Friends who like outdoor have a halo buf. Regardless of the shape or design concept, the outdoor elements are more pure. Among the five models, they belong to the brand with relatively specific target customer groups. What is most admired by the middle class is that it is low-key, the price is cheaper than that of the goose, and the overall reputation is also good.

Moncler: Moncler is fashionable and self-cultivating, suitable for men and women who are fashionable. Moncler’s down jackets are the lightest and more expensive. Moncler jackets should be worn in more modest places, not in extreme conditions.

Small scissors: Moose Knuckles has high-quality texture and high recognition. Classic series such as Classic Core and Mid Core are versatile and easy to wear. They often appear in various airport photos of celebrities. And the color matching is also quite advanced, and the upper body looks energetic. In addition to the appearance, the most important thing about the down jacket is the warmth, and there is nothing to say about the warmth and comfort.


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