Canada goose : how to jump from civilian brands to luxury? Replica Canada goose is popular

Canada Goose is out of stock again? !

This doesn’t seem to be new. Every winter, handsome men and women wearing this “foreign brand” take to the streets of first-tier cities, and it is very apt to describe this scene as “three steps, one big goose, five steps and one north face”.

Many people are puzzled, why is a down jacket worth 10,000 yuan a “bad street” in Beijing and Shanghai?

Maxluxes visited and found that the marketing of Canada Goose’s hunger is a fact, and the three specialty stores in Beijing are all “hard to find”. But more importantly, fake goods are rampant in the market, and the sales chain even extends the evaluation system of “Guangshen goods” and “Jiangsu and Zhejiang goods”.

Some clerks even said bluntly, “Now that I see big Canada goose all over the street, more than 90% of them are fake Canada goose.”

A few days ago, the news of “Canada goose sold out” was on Weibo’s hot search. According to media reports, the Shanghai Canada Goose store is overcrowded, and it takes 1 to 3 hours to queue for shopping.

The unprecedented shopping “grand occasion” is also being staged simultaneously in Beijing. Maxluxes recently visited three Canada Goose specialty stores and found that there are very few styles to choose from, and the remaining styles are also incomplete.

“Out of stock is inevitable. Come and buy it after the Spring Festival.” Standing beside the empty shelves, the answer from the Beijing SKP Canada Goose counter staff was very calm, and even showed a sense of superiority. She said that if you want a big goose, you should buy it in autumn. “In winter, it will inevitably be broken and lack of color. It is also normal to be out of stock, and this happens every year…”.

The same scene was also staged in the Sanlitun store. The clerk of the Canada Goose store in Sanlitun pointed to the shelf and said that this parka has only red and green for women, and only red and sapphire blue for men. “Although the colors are small, they may not have your size.” All in all, even if there are goods offline, they are mostly styles such as “niche colors, large and small numbers”.

Let the Canada goose sell for over 10,000? From processing factory to trendy luxury

People are naturally puzzled, why are down jackets that sell for nearly 10,000 yuan so expensive? In fact, Canada Goose was just a civilian brand at the beginning of its establishment, and it even had nothing to do with the word luxury.

Founded in 1957, Canada Goose, formerly known as Snow Goose, was initially a civilian manufacturer of inspector wool vests, raincoats and snowsuits for Ontario Provincial Police. The earliest positioning of Snow Goose is a relatively professional “tooling” for the purpose of keeping out the cold. It can also be understood as an OEM manufacturer that makes all kinds of uniforms and security clothing. At that time, Snow Goose was still very cheap, and even for a long time, it did not have a store of its own, and went through the channels of dealers.

It is such a tooling factory, how can it become a luxury product with a price of nearly 10,000 yuan, and many luxury accessories such as Warren Tianlun, Fendi, Burberry, etc., are stationed in SKP and Sanlitun Village North District? In fact, it is a long-term process for consumers to accept the price of Canada Goose at nearly 10,000 yuan. In this process, Canada Goose has walked for 19 years.

First, Snow Goose changed its original name to the trendier Canada Goose, and replaced the Polar logo. In the 1990s, Dani Reiss, the third-generation “factory manager” of Snow Goose, found that people were curious about the Canadian landscape and were willing to use products with polar flavors.

So, after Dani Reiss took over Snow Goose in 2001, almost the first thing was to change the brand name of Snow Goose, change the trademark, and launch women’s models at the same time.

Secondly, the renamed Canada Goose emphasizes “polar cold protection ability”. Dani Reiss found that although the city does not need extreme cold protection, sports such as skiing in Europe are more preferred by the middle class. Many people wear outdoor sports styles and feel very “face-saving”. The brand also invented a thermal index, with a total of 5 levels, each level representing different cold resistance performance, the higher the higher the colder resistance.

Finally, Canada Goose has changed its previous style, focusing on dark colors and black, with a more simple and fashionable design, and adding women’s models. After changing the design, Canada Goose began to operate like a luxury brand. Although it does not produce limited editions of luxury goods, its production capacity has always been insufficient, just like the iPhone that has just been released.

Some media believe that in the past few years, Canada Goose has “limited production capacity + high price”, and has learned the essence of luxury operation and hunger marketing. Various operations have bound the brand to professionalism and functions, and it has also become a must-have for star filming. It has appeared in “007” and “X-Men 2”.

After the above three steps, the impression of Canada Goose being “hard to buy and keeping warm in the polar regions” suddenly became a pillar. Coupled with the gimmick of “100% Made in Canada”, consumers flocked to it and were willing to wait in line for 2 hours. When Sanlitun Canada Canada goose line up and limit the flow, several other luxury luxury stores can only envy and call experts.

Inspired by Canada Goose, in recent years, down jacket brands like to endorse their professionalism with the name of “North and South Pole Scientific Expedition”. The invasion of Canada Canada goose has undoubtedly stirred up the Chinese down jacket market, driving down jacket prices to soar collectively.

Bosideng, who was once complained about “soil and ugly”, has won the essence of Canada Goose, put on the coat of “outdoor + polar scientific research”, and finally rushed into the sales of women’s clothing on Double 11 by virtue of its hard-core warmth in extremely cold weather. First, the double eleven sales exceeded 1.5 billion. The proportion of high unit price products in down jackets has increased from 10% to 30%. The price of the “extremely cold series” endorsed by Yang Mi is closer to 2,000 yuan.

Goose running all over the street? Shop assistant: more than 90% are fake

Although Canada Canada goose are popular, for many young people, this “grass” is not easy to pull.

Many young people sighed on Weibo, “Save money to buy a big goose.” In the official flagship store of Canada Goose, the Langford coat and Trillium coat with the highest sales are priced at 9,100 yuan and 8,600 yuan respectively. Even if you buy it through purchasing, the price of Canada Goose ranges from 6,500 to 8,000 yuan.

Recently, the popularity of Canada Goose has become a joke on the Internet. “Three steps, one big goose, five steps and one north face”, Beijing subway “Canada goose per capita”, and even some people “are embarrassed to take the subway without wearing a big goose”. How to achieve “Canada Goose per capita” at such an expensive price?

In fact, official Canada Goose sales have not increased, but decreased. In the first half of the fiscal year ended September 2020, Canada Goose’s Asian market revenue fell by 23.58% year-on-year to 51 million Canadian dollars (about 260 million yuan), a year-on-year decrease of 81.52 million yuan.

“You see Canada Canada goose all over the street now, and more than 90% of them are fake Canada goose,” said the Canada Goose clerk in Sanlitun, Beijing.

“Many Internet celebrities, such as Xiaohongshu, Douyin, and Weibo Internet celebrities, also wear fake Canada goose. Even some Internet celebrities bought the models, our brand has not yet designed them, and there is no such thing at all. It has been produced.” said the clerk of Canada Goose in Sanlitun. Today, Canada Goose, the former “feather emperor”, has been reduced to the second echelon, not because the price is cheap, but as a “fake” as soon as it is worn.

According to a report from Maxluxes, some purchasing agents who originally purchased Canada goose have also begun to sell “fake Canada goose” in recent years, and some purchasing agents even claim that their sales of “fake Canada goose” are 3 or 4 times that of “real Canada goose”.

“Selling fake Canada goose makes more money than real Canada goose, so why not do it.”


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