Maxluxes:Canada Goose Down Jacket Buying Guide | Style Size + Cold Protection Index

Canada Goose has become the best down jacket brand with excellent functionality and fashion. Many pot friends are eager to try it, but at the same time they have myths about the style and size of the Canadian goose. Today, Maxluxes does not talk about fashion matching, so I will come to a pure dry goods to help you choose the really suitable one.

Canada Goose |

In the 1950s, Sam Tick, a first-generation immigrant, founded an urban sportswear company specializing in wool vests and skiwear in a small warehouse in Toronto. In the 1970s, the fluff filling machine developed by Sam’s son-in-law, David Reiss, brought the company into a new era.

Subsequently, the brand has experienced a huge leap every ten years. In the 1980s, it customized winter clothing for the Antarctic scientific expedition team, and customized work clothes for the Canadian National Security Guard, forest rangers, and environmental survey officials. can still perform tasks.

The real rise of Canada Goose brand was in the 1990s, and it has jumped to the national brand of Canada. And in the 00s, it became the official costume of the world’s top-grossing cold snap movies “The Day After Tomorrow” and “National Treasure”. Up to now, the founder of Bloomberg BusinessWeek said: “In many places, the popularity of Canada Goose is like a LV handbag.” Therefore, it seems to have become the hottest winter clothing in the world.

It can be seen in all kinds of celebrity news. One of the biggest spokespersons is president Putin.

Coupled with a large number of Hollywood stars in California, they went to the beautiful east of the United States, and collectively called for the big goose, and immediately put Canada Goose on the label of Fashion.

Why are Canada goose so expensive?

Stick to Made in Canada

When many famous luxury companies moved their production lines to developing countries in Asia in order to save costs, Canada Goose has still insisted on local production from 1957 to the present. From design, cutting to processing and sewing are all in Canada, and all high-end handmade. “High labor cost” is one of the reasons why clothes are expensive.

And the annual output is not much. When the coldest time comes, the code and color breakage is serious, and I rarely participate in promotional activities. There is no need to wait for discounts.

best quality material

As a Canadian national treasure down jacket, the highest quality materials are used:

down (duck and goose down) Coyote fur.

Note that although the brand name is Canada Goose, the filling used is officially marked as white duck down. But clearly stating “Each of our down blends contains some Hutterite down,” Canadian-made Hutterite fleece is considered one of the rarest and warmest Downs in the industry today.

The fur around the brim of the hat is coyote fur from Canada’s Northwest Territories, which may make the down jacket light and warm. (But from 2022 they will no longer use animal fur..)

What’s more, many of Canada Goose‘s styles use a fabric technology called “Arctic Tech”. Proven performance fabrics that keep you dry and warm in extreme environments and climates. With a durable waterproof surface, it is water resistant, durable, warm and wind resistant.

Good material + good technology = the warmest down jacket in the world!

UK Canada Goose Discount

The popular models of Canada Goose are rarely discounted, so it is definitely a super mechanism to rush when there is a good discount. For functional down jackets like Canada Goose, in fact, the styles of each season are not very different, so when there is a good discount, it is definitely a very mechanical choice to buy at a discounted price.

Canada Goose Cold Protection Index Selection

Whether it’s hiking, city walking or polar exploration, the Thermal Experience Index (TEI) developed by Canada Goose can help you find the Canada Goose down jacket that fits your body, activity and lifestyle.

Each Canada Goose will be marked with the TEI index, which is an important indicator of it. The higher the value, the stronger the ability to keep warm and cold. There are 5 levels in total:

Lightweight. 5°C / -5°C. Lightweight and comfortable, free to explore.

Multi-level. 0°C / -15°C. The ultimate combination of warmth, comfort and versatility.

Basic level. -10°C / -20°C. Provides basic warmth to meet daily needs.

Persistence level. -15°C / -25°C. Inspired by the arctic, it provides continuous warmth.

extreme level. -30°C and below. Field-tested for the coldest places on Earth.

Canada Goose Styles and Fits

Canada Goose styles are mainly divided into several series: Parkas (parka), Bombers (bomber jacket), Lightweight (light down jacket/jacket), Raincoats (raincoat/windbreaker). The most popular of these are the Parkas and Bombers series, which I will focus on today.

There are three main Canada Goose styles:

Regular (regular), Relaxe, Slim (slim fit).

The same style corresponds to one style, but may contain two versions, the regular version and the FUSION FIT version. For example, Kensington’s down jacket is a slim fit, but there are regular and Fusion versions.

Fusion Fit

About the FUSION FIT, also known colloquially as the “Asian Edition”, is designed to provide exceptional fit, comfort and protection for smaller sized individuals. In general, the regular size of the slim fit = (normal size -1), and the Fusion version = normal size. General e-commerce products are ordinary versions without special instructions. Canada Goose’s official website has a Fusion Fit version, and physical stores in big cities with many Asians will also have an FF version.


1. Kensington Parka (Women’s)

Fit: Slim Fit Length: Thigh Fill: 625 Fill White Duck Down TEI: 3

This is what Sister Stone is wearing. It is characterized by the waist design, with adjustable external webbing, which can be adjusted as desired. The lower part of the back adopts three snap buttons to avoid being too tight when sitting down and can be adjusted freely.

One more feature: it is designed with inner shoulder straps, which can be carried over the shoulder. When I first bought it, I didn’t think the straps included were very useful, but when you went shopping at the Shopping Mall, you realized how important it is! Completely free your hands and go shopping! (Size reference: net height 160, weight 48. Usually wear S size, this ordinary style wears XS. A thin sweater can be worn inside.)

This one has a Fusion Fit version with a total length of 34″/ 86.36cm, and the regular version is 37.75″/ 95.89cm. Shorter, suitable for petite girls. same price.

2. Trillium Parka (Women’s)

Fit: Regular Length: Mid-thigh Fill: 625 Fill White Duck Down TEI: 4

This is also a popular style for girls and features an internal elastic drawstring that can adjust the waist elastic. It also comes with an inner shoulder strap that can be worn over the shoulder. Compared to Kensington, this TEI is as high as 4, which is more warm, but the shape is not slim, and the total length is 36” / 91.44cm, which is a little shorter than the K. There is a Fusion Fit version, and the total length is 32” / 81.28cm.

3. Montebello Parka (Women’s)

Fit: Slim Fit Length: Hips Filling: White Duck Down with 625 Fill TEI: 3

Shorter than Kensington and Trillium, this one features an external utility pocket on the left sleeve. Internal elastic drawstring to adjust waist elastication, interior straps designed to be worn over the shoulder, total length 28″ / 71.12cm. Slim fit than Trillium. Fusion Fit version available, total length 25.75″ / 65.41cm.

4. Chelsea Parka (Women’s)

Fit: Slim Fit Length: Hips Filling: White Duck Down with 625 Fill TEI: 3

From the data point of view, this one is very similar to the Montebello, and the total length is 28” / 71.12cm. The biggest difference is the external design, this one is more compact, and the pockets are closed with zipper. The biggest feature of this one is water resistance. The same design has Internal shoulder straps to be worn over the shoulder. Available in Fusion Fit version with a total length of 25.5” / 64.77cm

5. Expedition Parka (Women and Women)

Fit: Oversized Length: Mid-thigh Padding: White duck down with 625 fill TEI: 5

This is the same style for men and women, loose style, TEI up to the highest level 5! An internal elastic drawstring adjusts the waist elastic, and a thermal wind deflector provides added warmth and protection. Because it is a loose style, it is recommended to choose the normal size minus 2 for the normal size. Or Fusion Fit, the size is minus 1.

6. Victoria Parka (Women’s)

Fit: Slim fit Length: Mid-thigh Padding: White duck down with 625 fill TEI: 3

An internal elastic drawstring adjusts the waist elastic, and an inner shoulder strap is designed to be carried over the shoulder. The total length is 33” / 83.82cm. It is shorter than Kensington and Trillium, but longer than Montebello. Generally speaking, it belongs to the short version of Kensington and the thin version of Trillium.

7. Mystique Parka (Women’s)

Fit: Regular Length: Full calf coverage Padding: White duck down with 625 fill TEI: 5

Another Canada goose from Sister Stone is this one. It is also a must-have for many stars when they are filming night scenes, because TEI is as high as the highest level 5! Designed with inner straps to be carried over the shoulder. There is no waist design, it is a regular style. Overall garment length 49” / 124.46 cm. Available in Fusion Fit version with the same overall garment length but with a slimmer fit.

Bombers (bombers)

1. Chilliwack bomber jacket

Fit: Regular Length: Bomber Padding: White Duck Down with 625 Fill TEI: 3

Putin the great is this bomber jacket. This special place is unisex. It’s just that the sizes of men and women are different, the colors included are different, and the styles, thicknesses and prices are the same, so they can be matched as couples.

There’s also a special edition blue “PBI Chilliwack Bomber Jacket” in this one. The style, texture, filling, etc. are exactly the same as the regular version. It’s just that there is an extra patch on the left shoulder with Polar Bears International (Polar Bears International) patch, the color is only blue, both men’s and women’s are available, the price is 845 knives.

2. SAVONA Bomber Jacket (Women’s)

Fit: Slim Fit Length: Bomber Jacket Fill: 625 Fill White Duck Down TEI: 3

This is a women’s bomber jacket that is more fitted than the Chilliwack and less bulky to wear. But the thickness and fabric are the same.

In addition to the solid color, this model also has a camouflage color scheme and a black label version. The texture, style and price are the same as the normal version, except that the armband is changed to black. Some people say that the black label version is thicker, that is nonsense, the product parameters are the same, just because not all styles have black label models, so the black label is special, and the others are the same.


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