Can Nike joggers turn over? NIKE ZOOMX INVINCIBLE+VOMERO 15

In the past few years, you may have heard the information about the second marathon, the blessing of carbon board racing shoes, etc. It should be said that Nike has successfully occupied a large share of the marathon equipment field with the help of events + technology, which has greatly weakened the traditional Japanese racing. The influence of the shoes has further stabilized the title of his champion boots.

But what about at the mass level? What about the field of jogging shoes, which accounts for a higher proportion of sales? Except for PEGASUS, which has been promoting more and more over the years, like the previous VAPORMAX, JOYRIDE has mostly become a short-lived, and finally turned into commuter shoes or life style. Only REACT is the technology that NIKE must persist after giving up LUNAR foam, so this year we saw an updated model based on REACT.

What I want to talk about today is to shine on carbon plate running shoes, two running shoes based on ZOOMX technology, ZOOMX INVINCIBLE and VOMERO 15, the two running shoes are positioned close to each other, they are both cushioning models, and they are designed for larger weights. Sports enthusiasts who have obvious needs for cushioning protection, and VOMERO 15 is more professional than ZOOMX INVINCIBLE. Why do you say that? So let’s start with the series of VOMERO…


Attribute top cushioning

Weight 303g (44 yards)

Drop 10mm

Use Jogging and daily training


The cushioning is significantly improved compared to the previous generation, removing REACT and replacing it with ZOOMX (the center layer is ZOOMX)

Thicker and softer midsole. The ZOOM air cushion in the forefoot is more bulky.

Full bottom widening design insufficient weight gain General outsole grip general flexibility Reviews.

The VOMERO 15 has changed a lot, returning to the positioning of the top jogging shoes. Although the weight is heavy, the cushioning stability has been improved. It must be mentioned that it is better than the PEGASUS 37’s heel wrap. Here I have to talk about the previous generation V14. The design of the forefoot is too thin and hard, which makes the V14 into a weird shoe with vague positioning and not light (isn’t it good to choose ELITE or STREAK for such a thin forefoot?)


Attribute Flagship Cushioning

Weight 298g (44 yards)

Drop 9mm

Use Jogging and daily training advantage

Full palm ZOOMX foam

Maximized midsole thickness and softness (heel height reaches 36.6mm)

Full bottom widening design insufficient heavy weight lack of stability

Foreign body sensation in the forefoot general flexibility


The translation of the name ZOOMX INVINCIBLE is indeed “invincible”. At least there are few opponents in the buffer level. This is also its biggest highlight. Common jogging shoes rarely have such a thick midsole, although this pair is nearly 300 grams. The weight, but don’t forget its thickness and width, I am afraid to replace the common EVA midsole with 360 grams, the lack of stability is its lack, such a soft and thick midsole is probably not for designers. What is the effective way, in addition, when wearing this shoe, there is a foreign body sensation under the first metatarsophalangeal joint of the forefoot, which affects the overall feeling.


Finally, a reminder that these two running shoes don’t necessarily make you run faster! They are not light, but they can give you a better running experience, improved cushioning, improved comfort, and it is worth noting that both shoes have a firm upper.


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