Maxluxes: Buyin boots in autumn and winter, and try to buy as few Martin boots as possible. These “3 styles” are fashionable and versatile

After an autumn raining day, the leaves are falling. Most women will buy a pair of boots for themselves in this cold season. If they want to show fashion in this season, they naturally cannot do without the blessing of various fashionable boots. Helping us resist the cold temperature, but also meeting our needs for fashion, and now if you want to buy boots, you will find that many popular styles are not fashionable to wear under your feet, just like Martin boots have been popular for a long time two years ago. It has become the favorite of many fashionistas, but it is easy to bump into the shirt after wearing it for a long time.

And the style of Martin boots is often more individual, and the requirements for temperament are also higher. If some people’s temperament does not conform to the style of Martin boots, it will be a bit inconsistent to wear. If you want to choose some other styles of boots for yourself this fall, the following three pairs can be arranged, which can almost meet our wearing needs for the whole season.

Step 1: Take a look at the boots that are popular this year and choose the most suitable style for yourself

TOP1, cat heel boots

If you want to ask what kind of boots are popular in the fashion circle this year, the stiletto boots must not be ignored. There is also an alias for stiletto boots, that is, cat heel boots. This kind of heel is very thin, and it often looks whole when worn under the feet. People are very delicate, especially women with thin legs and tall stature. Wearing such cat-heel boots will really have a temperament, which can create a sense of direct vision when walking with wind.

And when we choose cat heel boots, we have to look at the heel height of the boots, generally not more than 3cm, because too high heels will be less comfortable to wear under the feet, we can choose two or three centimeters when choosing The left and right heels will not be too difficult to match in this way, and it is also quite good for the comfort of daily matching.

TOP2, bare boots

No matter how the fashion circle develops, the matching principle of simplifying complexity will never be outdated. Instead of pursuing those individual outfits, it is better to use this simple style of clothing to match, so bare boots have also become the most fashionable choice for many fashionistas. Love, why are bare boots so popular? More importantly, because of its simple style, we can know from the name that the nude boots are nude-colored boots. The color is simple and low-key, and there is no complicated design. The biggest difference from Martin boots is that there are no shoelaces.

Bare boots are not only short, but also long, so you can boldly try different styles when you choose. If your legs are thin, you can use this long bare boot to concave the shape and show you. If you have long legs, choosing a variety of colors you like can also show a good temperament. Generally, we choose dark colors for bare boots in autumn and winter, which are easier to look thin.

TOP3, long barrel boots

Finally, there are high-end boots. The seemingly simple boots have been popular in the fashion circle for so many years, and it is not out of date. After all, everyone likes its warmth and its fashion sense. Short boots The style is simple and low-key, but it lacks some sense of design. And this fashionable style of boots will be cooler and more handsome, especially with the help of personalized boots to match various skirts, we can also show our good figure, and show your figure by skillfully revealing the skin Advantage.

Step 2: Get these trendy boot collocation ideas

①The style of boots is very varied, you can try different bottoms

“Try trousers or skirts, you can be elegant or casual”

First of all, the style of a pair of boots is not single, just like when we tried Martin boots before, we also matched different bottoms, and when we tried the above three pairs of boots, we can also create a variety of styles, switch Different bottoms can create different charms. If you wear short boots with jeans, it may give people a casual and simple feeling, but if you switch to a skirt, you can show your elegant and intellectual side and show femininity.

“Don’t always wear regular clothes, mix and match boldly”

So when we have to choose boots for ourselves in autumn, don’t always use regular leggings to match boots, this way of wearing will be a bit monotonous, and girls who pursue individuality will use these long boots The skirt is matched with this fashionable long boots, and the skirt and the boots are used to form a certain connection, and it can subtly modify our whole body.

②Don’t be too dull with autumn and winter, just know how to expose your skin

[The degree of skin exposure depends on your figure]

We should not match too dull in autumn and winter. We must know how to expose our skin. Just like some young ladies who pursue individuality and fashion, they will use a small area of exposed legs to show their body advantages when wearing them. It doesn’t matter if you are thick, you can show your ankles, so it will not affect your figure. Like short boots with a long skirt, you can show your calf, and a short skirt with long boots or short boots can show your thigh skin. You just need to choose according to your personal figure.

Step 3: Pay attention to the lightning protection points of wearing boots, so that you don’t make mistakes in dressing

Be sure to dress according to your body shape, don’t follow suit

To be honest, most boots are quite picky, so when we wear them, we must understand our own body strengths and weaknesses according to our personal body. The long boots on the legs show the fat on the thighs and the legs are not good-looking. Wearing such boots will look bloated and lack temperament.

Refuse to show too much flesh-colored leggings and bare leg artifact

In addition, when we choose the concave shape of these fashionable and personalized boots in autumn, we have to see if we need to match them with leggings. To be honest, although everyone pays attention to keeping warm in autumn, they will try stockings or leggings. However, if you show your leggings, it will always look tacky, especially in the past two years, all kinds of flesh-colored stockings or bare-leg artifacts are not suitable for large-scale exposure, and it is easy to look rustic with boots.

Even if autumn has come, we should not be blind when choosing boots. We must choose the style according to our personal figure and temperament. The above three kinds of boots are generally not wrong, and the requirements for figure and age are not high. Everyone can try.


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