Why are The North Face down jackets so popular? Buy fake The North Face from Maxluxes

If Air Jordan is very famous in the sneaker world , then The North Face of the down jacket world definitely has a name. In winter, the streets are full of down jackets from The North Face, and even if people are wearing the same clothes is not affected at all. As we know, The North Face genuine is much more expensive. Many of The North Face down jacket on the market are fake version, Maxluxes offer you guys the most beautiful quality of replica at the same time, it’s price are more reasonable.

First of all, let’s show you why The North Face are popular and expensive.

Question 1: Why is  The North Face down jacket so expensive?

As an outdoor brand, The North Face’s achievements are remarkable. Possessing brand patent technology and invention, and use strength to enhance brand value.

Among them, the more representative is GORE-TEX technology.

GORE-TEX fabrics are widely used in products in The North Face, such as down jackets and jackets.

With the blessing of this technical fabric, the windproof and waterproof properties of clothing can be greatly improved. Whether it is keeping warm or dealing with harsh outdoor environments, it is very hard-core.

The reason why The North Face down jacket is so expensive is directly related to the brand’s advanced production technology and hard core conditions.

Question 2: Why is The North Face down jacket so popular?

Although The North Face is positioned as an “outdoor brand”, it is also the most trendy outdoor brand.

From the beginning of focusing on the outdoor brand market to entering the trend circle, there are two “magic weapons” in The North Face: joint names and branch lines.

Many rappers, star icons and even national presidents (such as former US President Barack Obama) “bring goods”. It happens that the fans or media exposures are the main consumer groups in The North Face. With the overwhelming publicity of fashion media and self-media, an outdoor brand has been shaped into a trendy brand.

In addition to the hard core conditions of the brand itself, it is also inseparable from the gimmick of the big play joint name.

It has high-quality joint names with Junya Watanabe, Sacai, etc. Among them, the most popular joint name is also a joint name with Supreme.

As a well-known street fashion brand, Supreme’s joint cooperation with the “outdoor brand” The North Face can be said to be the stepping stone for The North Face to attack the trendy brand market.

In addition, Supreme and The North Face have a joint name collection almost every year, and include down jackets, jackets, bags and other items, among which the “Snow Mountain Down Jacket” has become a popular Internet celebrity.

Secondly, The North Face also develops various branch lines for different markets and customer groups.

The Asia-Pacific version (National Bank), the Japanese version, the Korean version and the US version have 5 branches, each of them has their own characteristics and advantages, meeting the aesthetic and fashion needs of more people.

So, do you know why The North Face down jacket is so popular with everyone? Fortunately, now you can buy The North Face joint name collection on the Maxluxes.com. We sell most collections of The North Face jackets and down jackets online.

Question 3: How to choose The North Face down jacket?

I just mentioned that a brand The North Face has 5 branch lines, so how to choose has become a problem that everyone is more concerned about.

The Asia-Pacific version (National Bank), the Japanese version, the Korean version and the US version have 5 branch lines, which are different in price, fabric and version.

Price: Korean version is the cheapest

Maxluxes taking the market price of the classic Nuptse 1996 black down jacket as an example, the official Asia-Pacific version and the US version are priced around $300, the Japanese version is $350-400, and the Korean version is only around $200.

While if you think the real The North Face are expensive, maybe you can choose the replica. Maxluxes’s products for more brands are almost indistinguishable from the genuine ones. The materials used are almost the same as the originals, and the quality is the best in the market. More importantly, it has a considerable advantage over the genuine products, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. You get what you pay for.

Warmth and fabric: US and Asia Pacific are much more better

In addition, the American version is the most classic, and the style takes into account outdoor leisure. But after all, it is designed according to the European and American body shape, so there will be problems such as too long sleeves.

The Japanese version is a high-end branch line created by the North Face and Nanamica, the originator of Japanese outdoor functional wind. The version is based on the characteristics of Asians.

The Asia-Pacific version was originally derived from the Japanese version, which highlights the urban functional style and also has elements of the American version.

The Korean version combines Korean fashion elements, the version is younger, and the color matching is diversified, but the workmanship is average.

Therefore, if you want to choose the Korean version cheaply, you need the classic beauty pageant version for performance, and the Japanese version is recommended for the fit.

Winter is coming, are you ready to spend this winter? Hurry up and buy a down jacket to keep out the cold. Come to Maxluxes and you will definitely have a shopping experience with great value for money.

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