Are Canada Goose Down Jackets Really Good? Where can I buy a replica?

Founded in 1957, Canada Goose was originally designed to make extremely warm and practical down jackets for outdoor scientific research personnel. Since the acquisition of most of the equity by private equity fund Bain Capital in 2013, Canada Goose has gradually entered the public eye, focusing on practicality. With the development of fashionable down jackets, it has been successfully listed in New York and Toronto in just four years, and its total revenue has increased steadily every year. The successful transformation of Canada Goose has been sought after by many fashion circles and business and politicians, and has frequently appeared in Hollywood movies, making it an Internet celebrity brand in today’s down jackets.

According to the TEI (Thermal Experience Index) system, Canada Goose marks and distinguishes down jackets according to the applicable temperature, and is divided into 5 grades, of which TEI 1 is a lightweight down jacket suitable for 5 to minus 5 degrees Celsius, while the highest TEI 5 Down jackets can be used in climates of minus 30 degrees Celsius and lower. Overall, TEI 2 (Multipurpose) and TEI 3 (Basic) are more widely available.

The hooded coat down jacket is a classic of Canada Goose, among which we have to mention the Expedition Parka, which was launched in the 1980s. This extreme thermal down jacket is designed to meet the unique needs of scientists at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. It is filled with white duck down with a down content of 80% and has a bulkiness of 625, although it is not as good as the 700 of Archaeopteryx and Patagonia. Or a product with a bulkiness of 800, but it is better than filling a lot of down. The filling capacity of 200-250g can completely withstand cold weather. In addition, the detail design also takes into account the warmth retention, such as the coyote fur on the hood, the nylon elastic snow skirt that can be stored, the fleece lining protection at the chin, and the large hand warmer pockets, all of which add an extra guarantee for the down jacket to be windproof and warm.

As a fashion brand in down jackets, Canada Goose pays more attention to design while retaining the practicality of classic coats. For example, the large in-line pockets are clean and neat, the logo on the arm that looks like a map of the Arctic Circle is eye-catching, and the Fusion Fit coat Simple lines, more suitable for Asian body type. For those living in areas with relatively mild climates, Canada Goose has launched a series of light and thin down jackets, which have won unanimous praise in the market.

So why is Canada goose so popular in China? Canada Goose’s down jackets have a particularly high thermal performance. If we turn each down jacket into a different grade, then Canada Goose can definitely be called the highest-grade down jacket. The average temperature in northern my country is relatively low, and many celebrities are wearing Canada goose, so Canada goose will gain sufficient domestic market.

Reason 1: Celebrities often wear Canada Goose

As we all know, every piece of clothing worn by every star can become a fashion item that fans search for and buy. Canada goose are often worn by European and American stars and domestic stars, which invisibly plays a promotional role. Fans recognize the clothes their idols wear, and naturally they also buy Canada Goose. What’s more, Jack Ma once wore a green Canada Goose down jacket priced at $795, which also made domestic people buy Canada Goose.

Reason 2: Canada geese are particularly good at keeping warm

If all the stars Canada choose the same fashion item, and this item’s thermal performance is not too high, then fans will not buy this thermal product. Canada goose can withstand the cold weather of minus 20 degrees. Even if you travel in the northeast, you will not feel cold in the northeast if you wear Canada goose. At the same time, Canada Goose, as the top international down jacket brand, is of high quality. If you buy other down jackets for the same price, you will also find Canada Goose warmer.

To sum up, the reason why Canada Goose will usher in the peak sales season in China is because the thermal insulation performance of this down jacket is particularly high. People like to wear down jackets with high thermal insulation performance in winter, and Canada Goose is a brand with high thermal insulation performance among many down jackets, so Canada Goose can successfully win the Chinese market.

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