Alexander McQueen sneakers Maxluxes replica is the best, check the packaging details of Alexander McQueen shoes

The packaging and receipts of Alexander McQueen‘s white shoes are the best and the easiest to imitate. But there are always a lot of low-end imitation goods that are reluctant to invest, and they are revealed only by the packaging. The packaging of genuine Alexander McQueen white shoes includes shoe box, dust bag, etc. The dust bag should have a clear and regular Alexander Alexander McQueen brand logo, and the side of the shoe box has a detailed and correctly described information label. Show, the upper is false and the lower is true. In addition to the different printing formats of fonts, the true and false labels are different in terms of color, size, serial number and other information labels.

Two Alexander McQueen Xiaobai shoes Maxluxes high imitation is the best, check the appearance of Alexander McQueen Xiaobai shoes.

The shoe shape of genuine Alexander McQueen white shoes will be thick and heavy on the side due to the increased sole. Alexander McQueen white shoes are the best imitations in Maxluxes, but they are still smooth from every angle, and the side of fake shoes will look like soil and fat. drum up the same. Pay attention to the position pointed by the yellow arrow. Fakes are prone to bulges, while genuine products (such as the black model above) will not.

Three Alexander McQueen Xiaobai shoes Maxluxes high imitation is the best, check the sole texture details of Alexander McQueen Xiaobai shoes

The rubber outsole of genuine Alexander McQueen white shoes is integrally formed, especially the brand logo in the center. The details of the authentic logo are exquisite and clear without any burrs. There are burrs on the fake shoes on the left. The font of Alexander is blurred, the curvature of the tail of Q is unnatural, and the lines of the letter C inside are blunt. For some fake shoes, because the mold precision is not enough, only a brand logo block can be made separately here, and then glued into it. There are obvious splicing marks on the edge, which is even more fake.

Fourth, check the details of the heel of the Alexander McQueen white shoes

The comparison between true and false is shown in the figure above, the left is true and the right is false. Genuine Alexander McQueen shoes have a darker back logo with a matte finish and won’t fall off easily. The color of the fake shoe logo is obviously too bright, it is easy to fall off, and the font format of some printing is not correct. It should be consistent with the outside of the insole and the tongue, especially the details of Q and internal C. In addition, pay attention to the position of the yellow arrow. Because of the poor leather texture of fake shoes, the cutting surface is rough and will be lifted after stitching, while the real shoes fit better here.

Fifth, check the tongue logo and inner size details of the Alexander McQueen white shoes

The size serial number on the inside of the tongue of Alexander McQueen shoes is a key point to identify the true and false. It is followed by the 6-digit serial number and the shoe size at the back. Note that the six-digit serial number should be the same as the serial number on the shoe box label. Pay attention to the format of the numbers. The top of 3 in the right middle of the figure is flat, and the upper right corner of 4 is open. If the font format is wrong, it must be false.

Sixth, check the details of the insole and midsole of the Alexander McQueen white shoes

After the insole of the genuine Alexander McQueen shoe is uncovered, the midsole is as shown on the right in the picture above. There should be ELGAD and serial number stamps, and there are scattered nail marks around. Pay attention to the font format of the stamp, while the midsole of the fake shoe on the left is simple. Glue and insoles stand together. Different colors of Alexander McQueen shoes have different colors, and the printing colors in the above points will also be different, but the format will not change.

It is generally true, because they are sold directly to buyers without the need for intermediary merchants to buy and sell, so it saves a lot of costs, which is much cheaper than what we see in the market, but when you buy it, you have to check whether It’s not that you pay the postage. If you pay the postage, the total price will not be very cheap. At the same time, it does not rule out fake goods, because Taobao is like a TV station. He does not evaluate the authenticity of the advertisement.


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