There are many popular AJ styles, how to choose and match the tall, short, fat and thin? Know these points to see the explosion

When it comes to matching things, we always think that tops and bottoms are the focus of the whole body, but the real result is not necessarily. The shoes are the details of the outfit. The shape will look awkward, and the overall collocation will collapse.

As the saying goes, there are many people who are popular, and shoes are no exception. Air Jordan shoes have suddenly become popular in recent years. Naturally, the debate about it has never stopped. Many people regard it as a treasure, and fans who have never played basketball before. I would never buy AJ at all. It has evolved to now that everyone knows AJ as a shoe. For the trend circle, it is a symbol and a trend culture.

The brand’s marketing strategy is indispensable to the popularity of the brand, and various limited edition shoes are constantly released, which leads to more and more shoe sellers, and the price is also fired. Many people take the limited edition shoes as an excuse. Rong, secondly, AJ shoes are really good-looking, there are countless colors, and there is always one that can hit your heart.

Do you know how important AJ is to those avid shoe lovers?

“Little brother, can I stand on your AJ and kiss you?”

“No, but you can stand on me and kiss my AJ”

The past and present of two AJ shoes

Air Jordan is derived from the shoes endorsed by the ‘God of Basketball’ Jordan, referred to as Air Jordan. The first release of this sneaker was the Air Jordan 1 black-red original version released in 1985, which was black and white for most of the NBA at that time. For the sneaker market, this pair of black and red sneakers was very amazing for fans and audiences. However, at that time, the NBA League stipulated that the same style of basketball equipment should be worn, and this pair of black and red sneakers violated the rules of the league. Jordan was fined and even banned from wearing it. It was the opportunity of the league. As everyone knows, AJ slowly started to catch fire with such a dramatic story.

The Air Jordan series of sneakers are currently far ahead of other brands of sneakers in the market, and the market demand is also very large. Every year, they are pursuing higher designs. It is precisely because of the brand’s continuous respect and innovation more and more

Three AJ shoes with many styles, how to choose the one that suits you?

How to choose AJ for tall and short people

AJ with various styles has always been wildly sought after by many boys and girls. There are high-cut and low-top styles, but many short people are very troubled about choosing AJ styles. What kind of style is it? What about the short one?


In fact, short people are most suitable for wearing AJ1 high-top series, AJ1 storm blue, AJ1 black and gray shadow, AJ1 Chicago, AJ1 white purple, AJ11 aerial slam dunk, AJ6 infrared low, AJ6 Oreo, these are all very suitable!

Personally, I feel that black and gray are not suitable for summer or girls, but I never thought that this AJ1 black and gray shadow would feel so cool after wearing it. Even girls look good in it, and short people can control it perfectly , it looks cool and beautiful in neutral colors!

Guess how tall the girl in the picture is? With the AJ1 storm blue, she played with missing bottoms. The AJ1 storm blue color matching is very refreshing. With the decoration of a pair of beautiful legs, the youthful atmosphere is vividly reflected, but she is only 155 tall, can you guess it?


As the saying goes, one tall covers three ugliness, one white covers one hundred ugliness, and one rich second is everything. As long as you are tall, you will look good in whatever you wear! But choosing air Jordan unc, air Jordan 1 bred, and air Jordan4s bred will make your aura full!

How do fat and thin people choose AJ

Today is an era where thinness is beautiful. That’s because the shoes worn by thin people always look better than fat ones. Is it not worthy of fat people to have fashion and AJ?

fat man

For people who are fatter, it is recommended to wear the AJ4 and AJ6 series. The shoes of these shoes are relatively large. In addition, the AJ4 and AJ6 series look good on the feet of men and women. Of course, the AJ4 and AJ6 series also have many colors. For girls, it is recommended to choose navy blue, while boys choose dark colors such as cement gray and black.


The thin person is the same as the tall person. The shoes are very effective when wearing the feet, and the shoes of AJ are basically small, and the high-top AJ is very particular about the calf, and as a thin person, it can be perfectly controlled. AJ shoes, it is recommended that thin people can wear AJ1, AJ7, AJ10, AJ10 and other styles!

Four How to match clothes and pants

What kind of pants do aj shoes match

In fact, AJ shoes should be paired with shorts for girls. If you choose trousers, your legs will be very short, or if you choose loose sports pants, if you choose straight casual pants, it will be very bulky, except for shorts and sports pants. In addition, girls can also choose sports-type short skirts, paired with AJ, they will look lively!

Color matching of aj shoes

The colors of AJ shoes are very rich, and there are countless colors, which is why AJ is popular among young consumers. Because of its rich colors, it should not be too bright when choosing clothes, pants, etc., you can choose plain Color clothing to match, so that it does not look visually caused by color mixing.

Learn to wear and wear your favorite shoes, you are still the most beautiful boy on the street.


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