Air Jordan’s ranking of most worth buying

Air Jordan1 is the most popular shoe in the air Jordan series, and it has always attracted everyone’s attention. Even under the current super-hot dunk shoes, Air Jordan1 still has a new joint name and color matching every month. Of course, the attention is also Not low, now more and more people wear them on the street. Today, I will give you an inventory. Let’s take a look at it together.

The most worth buying Air Jordan1

Air Jordan1 has always been the most popular and popular in the ranks of Air Jordan, and it is very versatile. It is very suitable for men and women. Of course, the choice of color matching is also the most. All popular colors are fully covered by Air Jordan1, such as Black, red, white, blue, etc. Today, the editor has sorted out a batch of popular color matching for you. Let’s take a look below:

Black and red series: The AIR JORDAN 1 with red and black is really good-looking, and it is also a trend of rising market prices. You will be a cool girl if you wear it.

White series: simple and generous color matching, very versatile.

Blue series: trendy people must buy color matching, especially good-looking. And the blue color scheme will not make you feel difficult to match.

Other color systems: The more popular AIR JORDAN 1 color scheme, girls are very recommended to start.

The most worthwhile Air Jordan ranking

NO.1——Air Jordan 1, I won’t say much about this, I just introduced you a lot of good-looking color matching, choose a pair according to the price to see;

NO.2——Air Jordan 11

Who is the most popular Air Jordan series between Air Jordan11 and Air Jordan1 has always been the focus of discussion. Air Jordan11 is the Air Jordan basketball shoe designed and produced by Jordan Company. The shoe was sold in 1996. The design was inspired by the shell of the lawn mower, the blessing of the sole air cushion, and the design of patent leather and crystal outsole. It is still very popular with everyone.

NO.3——Air Jordan 4

In fact, the reason why Air Jordan4 is so popular is that it is co-branded with many big names, such as the cooperation with brands such as TS, Kaws and Levis, which has also made Air Jordan4 more popular than ever, and now there are many choices of color matching, of course The appearance of the upper feet is also super high, and it is very suitable for men and women;

NO.4——Air Jordan 32

It is estimated that no one thought that Air Jordan32 would have such a high ranking. The configuration of Air Jordan32 is also good, with the support of front and rear ZOOM air cushion, Flyknit upper and FlightSpeed system, plus Air Jordan32 launched the exclusive PE for Guo Ailun, the first Asian signing player , so that more people began to pay attention to this pair of shoes;

NO.5——Air Jordan 3

Finally came to the top five of the top ten list! Air Jordan3 entered the top five without any suspense. Everyone must know the legend of Air Jordan3 very well, and the most famous one is the free throw line dunk. The classic Air Jordan3 brought back many old fans and also won a large number of new fans. The simple appearance and the classic story make Air Jordan3 enduring for a long time, and Air Jordan3 became the top five goalkeeper and let other lower-ranked “brothers” have no complaints.

NO.6——Air Jordan 13

In terms of appearance and actual combat itself, Air Jordan13 is very good in the original series, and the excellent actual combat performance is also one of the reasons for the extra points of Air Jordan13. Among them, the Air Jordan13 color scheme named “Gray Toe” is particularly eye-catching. Jordan in the Air Jordan13 period has achieved extraordinary achievements, whether it is leading the Bulls to a second three-peat, or breaking the “sky” with 788 consecutive scoring games. Hook” Kareem’s record, these achievements can make the cultural significance of the Air Jordan 13 to the top of the entire Air Jordan series.


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