Air Jordan basketball shoes recommended, super cost-effective

Today’s Air Jodan is more of a fashion shoe to meet everyone, but in fact, Air Jordan has never forgotten that his own identity is basketball shoes. But only AJ who stepped on the basketball court is the real Jordan boots. Today, the editor recommends 4 Air Jordan basketball shoes that are strong and cost-effective in actual combat!

1.AJ Melo series

Anthony is one of Air Jordan’s spokespersons, and Melon’s boots, known as the offensive kaleidoscope, are also very suitable for actual combat. And as the age increases, the competitive state declines, and the price of natural combat boots also declines. As a practical sneaker, the Melon series is still very worthwhile to start with.

And AJ Melo 13 is also the latest generation of Anthony’s signature shoes. In terms of appearance, the diamond-cut design is also very eye-catching, and the coquettish color matching is an element that many fans are keen on.

The configuration of the midsole FlightSpeed ​​system and the forefoot Zoom Air air cushion unit can also be described as the top configuration in actual combat shoes.

2. AJ Super.Fly series

As a former champion, Griffin has been questioned a lot along the way. Some people say that he is soft, some people say that he has no charisma, and the troubles with injuries also make people full of doubts about his future.

However, he still used the dunks and blocks again and again to prove that he was still the “powerful” Finn, and the Super.Fly series he endorsed was as dazzling as him.

This SuperFly2007 is also a new model of this series. It has a simple appearance and high performance. It is as powerful as Griffin.

The Nike Air jordan 2017 pf boots equipped with Nike React foam, in addition to having the ultimate cushioning foot feel, the outsole also uses the pressure map of the Nike Sports Research Laboratory, which can accurately locate four Key pressure points to design a more reasonable multi-directional grip texture.

3. AJ Why Not Series

No one can tell how terrifying a clear-headed Westbrook is. Terrible physicality, iron-knuckle ankles that you only see hitting the rim over and over again, Westbrook is a beast that doesn’t tire.

The Flight Speed+Zoom Air full-length air cushion, innovative leather weave upper, and the deep texture of the outsole are as durable as Westbrook himself.

It can be said that this pair of shoes is one of the few actual combat shoes that are not afraid of being damaged when playing the cement field.

4.AJ Guo Ailun series

The eldest nephew Guo Ailun is known as the first point guard in Asia, and he is also the first person to officially sign the Air Jordan brand in Asia. There is no doubt that he is the glory of our nation.

Zoom Air cushioning combined with the innovative Eclipse Plate technology, this breakthrough design is sure to be a unique focal point on the field.


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