Air Jordan 6, six crown collections

Tribute to Jordan’s career with 6 championships. The design incorporates elements from a range of iconic AJs. Air Jordan 6 Rings is a sneaker launched by Nike to celebrate the feat of Air Jordan‘s six championships. It is composed of the characteristics of Jordan’s shoes during the three consecutive championships. The cylindrical buckle on the shoelace, the back of the shoe The upper handle comes from Air Jordan 6; the arrangement of ventilation holes on the patent leather material comes from Air Jordan 7.

The towel material JUMPMAN LOGO on the tongue and the Velcro design for fixing the cross straps are derived from the Air Jordan 8; the layout of the upper fabric and the matching of the patent leather part are derived from the classic Air Jordan 11; the embroidery TWO3 on the tongue , and the small JUMPMAN LOGO on the last row of shoelace buckles, which has the shadow of Air Jordan 12; the leopard claw outsole is derived from Air Jordan 13; the Air Jordan logo4X E FAir Jordan 14 on the tongue.

As a combination of shoes, it is not lost to any genuine AJ.


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