Air Jordan 6 “Navy Blue” latest physical release!

Air Jordan 6 has always had a high status in the shoe circle as a championship boot. Whether it is the “Carmine” Air Jordan 6 released last year, or the heavyweight joint Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6, it has attracted many players due to its high popularity.

Last year, the news of the return of the “Navy Blue” Air Jordan 6 after many years was exposed, which attracted the attention of many old players. After many bounced tickets, the Air Jordan 6 “Midnight Navy” finally released the latest physical map recently.

The shoe body is made of leather material, and the classic 23 number blessing adds details to the upper as a whole.

In terms of color matching, white and navy blue are combined, and the visual effect is simple and advanced.

The classic mask shape of the tongue has distinctive features and provides a perfect on-off experience.

The outsole is blue with a crystal bottom, and the white Jumpman Logo is used as an embellishment, echoing the color theme.

However, it is regrettable that this pair of shoes has been skipped again! Postponed from March to May 25th…

Still have to continue to wait patiently, we will continue to pay attention and bring reports as soon as possible!

Air Jordan 6 “Midnight Navy”

Item No.: CT8529-141

Date: May 25

Price: $190 USD


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