The 2022 charity series is finally about to be sold on the market! Air Jordan 5 Low Doernbecher

The Nike Doernbecher Freestyle XVII 2022 charity series was officially released in auction form in February this year, and this Air Jordan 5 Low Doernbecher left a deep impression on people. It is worth mentioning that recently, a group of related official pictures have been exposed on the Internet. It is reported that this shoe may be available on the market this year.

Air Jordan 5 Low

Through the Air Jordan 5 Low Doernbecher, it can be seen that 11-year-old Michael Wilson presents his hobbies and favorite foods on the shoes.

Starting with the Cyclops on the sides of the shoe, Michael Wilson began to make the shoe one with himself. In addition, there are TAKE Flight embossed on both sides of the shoe body to express its dream of becoming a pilot. The tongue is decorated with Velcro material, with a variety of Velcro patterns, representing his hobbies.

Not only that, but there are many detailed designs on the shoe body showing his extraordinary ingenuity. For example, the printed patterns on the toe and the upper are his favorite Mac N macaroni cheese and full print TAKE Flight, MDW under the Jumpman logo on the heel represents himself, and on the back of the tongue, AIR MICHAEL is his impression of Jordan. pay tribute.

Finally, on the crystal outsole, there are also exciting content, the patterns of time hourglass and rocket appear on the left and right sides respectively. In addition to the blue laces, a pair of green laces are included with the shoe.

In the exposed blue shoe box packaging, Michael Wilson’s iconic postcard appeared. free to be HAPPY is also his wish to everyone.

It is reported that this shoe will be officially released this year, please pay more attention to friends who like it.


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