Air Jordan 4 collection Undefeated x AJ4, Eminem x Carhartt x AJ4, Cool grey, Oreo, Angry bull etc.

1989 This day was destined to be the day when greatness was born.

Nike designer Tinker Hatfield was in charge of designing the Jordan collection. At this time, the era of the cross-century sneaker Air Jordan 3 had just ended. Tinker Hatfield picked up a pair of Air Jordan 3 from the table. At the same time, his mind came up with the previous Jordan pair. What he said: “For me, the weight of the first three generations of shoes is not suitable for me. I hope that my signature shoes in the future can develop in a lightweight direction.”

So whether it is performance or appearance, Tinker Hatfield is pursuing lightweight this time! The upper of the Air Jordan 4 uses a combination of leather and nylon mesh, so the overall weight of the shoes is reduced, and the concept of basketball guard shoes is also proposed for the first time. Mesh material on the sides increases breath ability and comfort.

The unique TPU is used on the heel, which is bigger and more direct than the Air Jordan 3! At the same time, the Air Jordan 4 is also the first and only genuine Jordan sneaker with the word Flight printed on the tongue.

The Air Jordan 4 finally came out in 1989, when it was priced at $110. In the first year, a total of four colors were released: black red, white cement, white blue, and flame red.

Air Jordan 4 Glory Moments

The first appearance was in the NBA’s 39th All-Star Game in Houston, Texas on February 12, 1989. Karl Malone won the MVP trophy that year. It cannot be ignored that Jordan is still the best night in Houston. eye-catching. For the first time in my life, I wore Air Jordan 4 black and red to the audience.

On May 7, 1989, in the fifth game of the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, Jordan led the Chicago Bulls away to the Cleveland Cavaliers. There are only 7 seconds left until the end of the game!

Jordan successfully received a pass from the right side of the 3-point line, and Jordan beat the Cleveland Cavaliers with a signature hanging jumper at the free throw line after changing direction to pass Ilo. The final score was fixed at 101:100.

Jordan, who scored 44 points in this game, led the Chicago Bulls to face Ilo’s defense with a steady jumper at the buzzer to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers. At that time, the official Air Jordan 4 black and red was worn under the feet, and its classic last shot was passed down as a good story, and it is still a scene often mentioned in basketball history!

Undefeated x AJ4

The Los Angeles Undefeated joint masterpiece, the shoe king among the shoe kings, has become the ceiling of the sneaker industry with its strength. Created an UND-style color matching formula of army green with orange and black.

Eminem x Carhartt x AJ4

The ceiling of the new sneaker industry, if you want to say that it is Eminem who is playing hard, it is not only the hard core of music, but even the three-party joint name is not a lot of people who talk about it. There are no bells and whistles, which is very consistent with Eminem . Simple black, white, and silver will give you nothing to play!

Charity Superman

It is the highlight of the charity series itself. How could I have thought of the shoes that were called the “Four Classics” of the first generation of Internet celebrities, together with the Air Jordan 4 Cavaliers, Air Jordan 6 Oreos, and Air Jordan 13 Pandas. Is it also your youth? To say that the most out of the circle in the charity series is this charity superman.


In honor of Jordan’s 1989 jump shot that killed the Cavaliers, the Cavaliers colorway is inspired by the Cavaliers’ retro jersey. As a member of the “Four Great Classics“, you can see its classics, and with the popularity of streetwear, it is difficult to think of classics! Cavaliers: Why do I have to lie down and you have to make up for it?


There is no story background, and no trendy brands. The joint name of the stars can make shoe fans applaud by themselves. The classics are “Thor” and “Electric Mother”. Thor turned out. What everyone didn’t expect, the combination of black and bright yellow all over the body is low-key and eye-catching without losing personality.

Electric mother

Although it has been re-engraved in a large area, it was an electric mother that was even rarer than Thor! As the saying goes: “I am afraid that the dragon will not get the cloud and rain, and it will not be the thing in the pool.” The electric mother is not a thing in the pool. After falling from the altar, it is still an indispensable part of the classic color matching.

Cool grey

In addition to Jordan’s own feet, it is also an artifact of daily matching. With the popularity of gray sneakers in recent years, the shoes of cool gray have suddenly risen from a niche to a hot level.


Among the 3, 4, and 5 fear suits released in 2013, only the Air Jordan 4 fear color successfully came out of the circle, the bottom of which contained a large area of splashing ink, coupled with the overall black and white color matching, it was buckled with the “Oreo” color matching. The hat, which was not confirmed until the real Oreo was released in 2015, was worn by Zhang Guanli for two years!


In 2015, the real Oreo was released, and I suddenly realized that “fear” is not “Oreo”. The soft leather solves the common problem of oxidative fracture caused by long-term wear of the original TPU on the heel. Among them, Edison Chen’s upper foot also brought out the hot searches of that era.

Angry bull

Due to the success of the previous Air Jordan 5 Angry Bull, coupled with the red shoe wind blown by Kanye around 2013, the Air Jordan 4 version of the Angry Bull was released in 2013, a classic color scheme in that era, with a black suit With black leather pants and a pair of pure red shoes, who is not the darling of the first generation of dark high street style?


The story of Air Jordan 4 is definitely inexhaustible and unclear. The concept of lightweight in the late 1980s was definitely ahead of its time. From jumping to lore knight, meeting director Spike Lee’s shot, Undfeated plus Eminem’s The ceiling joint name, the “Four Great Classics” of the first generation of Internet celebrities, the birth of Thor and the mother, the OW joint name after the passage of time, the cooperation of Union LA, it can be said that its figure is ubiquitous, and it has long been integrated with life. , these are the recognition and praise of the classic Air Jordan 4!

To say a common problem, that is, the reinforcement on both sides of the toe cap will pinch the feet, especially the outer side of the little finger will become red after wearing it for a long time. The TPU on the heel will oxidize and break for a long time. And the bottom of the previous generations is too hard.


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