Adidas’s “Halloween” series is finally here! The weird atmosphere is full!

Every October, major brands will rush to launch Halloween-themed shoes, attracting the attention of many players with their outstanding recognition.

Recently, Adidas is inspired by traditional Mexican dishes, bringing two new color matching Hyperturf.

Let’s look at the first pair first. The overall tone is dark brown, with many details such as stitching and hand-painting, which enriches the layering of the shoe body.

The toe and heel are embellished with 3M reflective material to improve visibility in low light.

Another pair of visual effects is sweeter, using pink as the main color, and the material is made of leather and fabric.

The heel part is embroidered with a delicate butterfly pattern, showing a playful side. The biggest highlight is the hidden luminous properties of the shoe body, especially the spider web pattern on the heel, which brings a unique and weird atmosphere.

At present, it has been released on overseas platforms, and the selling price is about nearly $200. Interested players may click the link below to get started.

Besides, Adidas official website also released the Campus 80s Halloween theme series. The Adidas Originals brand, which has always been dominated by lifestyle, once again innovated from the perspective of contemporary youth culture, and injected its own trendy attitude into the festival, so as to light up the mysterious night and let shoe fans Indulge in the road of discovery with Adidas sneakers.

The design of this series is derived from the classic Halloween horror images and legends of exorcism. The “silver bullets” and “wood nails” feared by zombies and vampires are ingeniously inspired by the two theme color schemes, reflecting the meaning of expelling “evil”. One pair is based on dark brown that echoes the wood color, and the surface of the shoe body and toe cap is presented with wood grain; one pair is made of long suede and leather, with silver gray throughout the entire outline, and the tongue and heel are more subtly decorated with silver bullet details With the theme lettering, the Halloween atmosphere is further expressed through vivid design.

One image, one legend; two theme colors, one mystical inspiration. The Campus 80s Halloween theme series released by Adidas‘ official website undoubtedly broke into the hearts of contemporary young people in the best way, grasped the Halloween atmosphere, and allowed shoe fans to walk into the mysterious “taboo” night with the blessing of trends and street attitudes , and explore the infinite joy of mischief in a “horror” atmosphere.


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