Maxluxes: Adidas Originals unveils first sneaker collection with Parley

On the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day in 2022, Adidas has decided to take a step closer to sustainability and take on the responsibilities of more industry leaders in environmental protection. “We are problem makers and problem solvers.” Adidas will help realize more possibilities for sustainable sports by focusing on the technological power and sense of movement behind the products.

Limited resources, infinite loops. Nature has gifted rich treasures, and environmental protection maintains the eternal green. The concept of sustainable development does not limit Adidas’ pursuit of technology, craftsmanship and design. On the contrary, the brand uses the three as the starting point in the sustainable development process, maintaining consumers’ expectations and imagination for products.

The ULTRABOOST22 MADE WITH NATURE running shoes for women’s feet, in cooperation with botanical artist Diane Sutherland, appeared in vibrant and fresh color matching, looking forward to bringing women a more comfortable sports experience. The outsole is made of CONTINENTAL natural rubber, and the upper part is made of natural material Tencel.

Adidas uses this bio-based material made of sustainably sourced wood pulp without compromising the quality and performance of the product. After Adidas launched the milestone FUTURECRAFT FOOTPRINT low-carbon running shoes last year, ADIZERO X Allbirds 2.94 KG CO2E as its iteration, each pair of products reduces carbon emissions by 63%, breaking through the “low carbon power” of 3KG emissions of only 2.94KG, Holds the record for the lowest carbon performance running shoe in the history of both brands.

Almost all products are made of natural recyclable materials. The simple and lightweight outsole is innovatively made of 10% recycled rubber. The midsole contains 17% sugar cane extracts. The lining, lace and embroidery are all made of 100% recycled polyethylene. Ester fiber, and the carbon footprint of the entire production process is also marked on the product. The running shoe will be launched in four exciting new colorways, all derived from natural coloring, adding the finishing touch to environmentally friendly materials. This series maximizes performance benefits with minimal materials and intelligent solutions, helping runners to exercise healthily and travel with low carbon.

Adidas Originals and marine environmental organization Parley for Oceans return with a series of iconic styles, the classic three stripes and Parley present a vision of the future marine world: in the spring and summer 2022 series, the main Nizza Parley Hi and Nizza Parley Lo is a new interpretation of Adidas’ classic Nizza silhouette. Using an innovative material construction method, it is made from layers of twisted braid to minimize material waste.

Parley’s collaboration with Adidas Originals brings together more environmentalists, bringing shoes that emphasize the spirit of environmentalism and are comfortable to wear.

Parley is a platform that brings together creators, thinkers and leaders to raise awareness and awareness of marine conservation, prevent marine pollution, and call on more people to work together to protect the oceans and the earth through different collaborative projects. Parley’s collaboration with Adidas Originals brings together more environmentalists, bringing shoes that emphasize the spirit of environmentalism and are comfortable to wear. Parley and Adidas Originals share the values of authenticity, originality and constant innovation. This fall, they hope to take action for the environment and bring innovative solutions to growing environmental problems.

“Plastic is a very bad design. No one can save the ocean alone, everyone has a role to play. It is the creative industry’s responsibility to develop greener raw materials, products and business models.” – Parley for the Oceans founder Cyrill Gutsch.

The EQT Support ADV in two different colorways will serve as the main shoe of the first joint series launched by Adidas Originals and Parley. The one-piece shoe body structure is made of Parley Ocean Plastic recycled yarn made from recycled plastic collected from Maldives beaches and surrounding areas, hoping to reduce pollution caused by plastic waste flowing into the ocean. Take action and promote environmental protection.

At the same time, each sneaker in the series is made of yarn containing at least 50% Parley Ocean Plastic, and the other 50% yarn is recycled polyester fiber. Parley Ocean Plastic is an environmentally friendly material made of ocean recycled plastic. As one of Adidas’ innovative technologies to help end plastic waste, recycling and returning to the ecology form a new recycling system to prevent it from polluting our oceans . The relaxed style and the advancement of technology are combined to create a younger and more active emerging force.

It is easy for people living in the city to ignore the protection of the marine environment. Adidas Originals and Parley hope to use this cooperation to bring changes to this situation. Parley applies innovative environmental protection concepts to the design of EQT Support ADV shoes, bringing new highlights to this classic Adidas Originals shoe that was born in the 90s. Form is the function, and movement is the expression of fashion. This aggressive and bold innovation has made EQT Support ADV a carrier to promote the concept of environmental protection, awaken everyone’s attention to environmental protection, and contribute to the earth.

Sustainability has been an integral part of the Adidas business model for more than two decades, rooted in the company’s purpose: that we can change lives through motion. In the coming years, Adidas will continue to vigorously advance its sustainability commitment, translating it into a comprehensive consumer-facing program that expands the scale of sustainable products.


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